[act-ma] 3/15 3 pm Rally for Palestinian Unity - End the Division (Boston Commons - Park St)

Amir R Hamdoun amir.hamdoun at gmail.com
Sun Mar 13 13:32:32 PDT 2011


If you would be so kind to email the list in regards to Tuesday's rally and
international call to end the divison of Palestinian political factions, it
would be much appreciated. 3/15 will hopefully shape Palestinian history for
years to come. Thank you! \

Amir Hamdoun


"On behalf of the Palestinian Arab people, on the blood of the martyrs,
widows and bereaved, orphans and thousands of prisoners in Israeli jails and
all our people in the Palestinian diaspora, we call on all the Palestinian
factions to unite under the banner of Palestine, in order to reform the
political system in Palestine, based on the interests and aspirations of the
Palestinian people in the homeland and the diaspora. "

Help the Palestinian people's call reach globally as they set 3/15 as their
day of rage. Boston SJP, CodePink 4 Peace, and the International Socialist
Organization present a rally in solidarity with Palestinians around the
world. We will be holding this rally near Park St. Station from 3-6pm and
then a large group of us will be heading to Tufts to hear Norman Finkelstein
talk. Posters and signs are encouraged to branch off these demands from

1 - the release all political detainees in the prisons of the PA and Hamas

2 - the end of all forms of media campaigns against each others
3 - the resignation of the governments of Haniyeh and Fayyad to re-build a
government of national unity agreed by all Palestinian factions representing
the Palestinian people.
4 - the restructuring of the Palestine Liberation Organization to contain
all the Palestinian factions and get back to its initial aim: Palestine's
5 - the announcement of the freeze of negotiations until the full
compatibility between the various Palestinian factions on a political
6 - the end of all forms of security coordination with the Zionist enemy
7 - the organization of presidential and parliamentary elections
simultaneously in the time chosen by all the factions.

More information of the call to END THE DIVISON:


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