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Framing the Innocent:
Crimes Under Color of Law at the Massachusetts US Attorney's Office

When: Thursday, March 24, 7:30 p.m.
Where: Northeastern University Law School
        240 Dockser Hall

Confirmed speakers include:

Chuck Turner--Five-term Boston City Councilor representing Roxbury and
Dorchester, and a lifetime activist for social justice, recently targeted by
the FBI and the Massachusetts US Attorney.

Bob Boyle--Attorney representing many activists and political prisoners
targeted by the FBI's infamous Counter-Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO)


Over the past few years, an atrocious history of government misconduct at
the Massachusetts US Attorney's office has emerged in the court record, but
few people have heard about it.

In the case Ferrara v. US, the court found that US Assistant Attorney
Jeffrey Auerhahn worked with an FBI agent to coerce a witness into
maintaining false testimony, withheld evidence of the witness's recantation
from defense counsel, and perjured himself in court. Other members of the
office have

--Withheld information about misconduct by FBI agents
--Consistently and deliberately withheld evidence of the innocence of
defendants from defense counsel and from the court

The head of the Massachusetts US Attorney's office has shielded assistants
and acted to cover-up government misconduct. Auerhahn was given
responsibility to prosecute "terrorism" cases, where he continues to handle
government informants and "cooperating witnesses."

The Massachusetts US Attorney has also demonstrated a clear set of political
priorities: contempt for basic civil liberties and due process rights; an
anti-immigrant agenda; selective prosecution of black political leaders; and
the prosecution of an overwhelming number of indigent defendants and people
of color.

Although the US Attorney's office has extraordinary power, people who are
concerned about government abuses have paid comparatively little attention
to its role within the criminal justice system.

Come participate in a public discussion about the Massachusetts US
Attorney's Office and what we can do to hold it accountable to our concerns.
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