[act-ma] Wanted: Adminstrative Writing and Communications Lefty Extraordinaire

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Wanted: Administrative Writing and Communications Lefty Extraordinaire!
My group is currently working to get a political talk show into production. Our vision is of a weekly roundtable discussion that invites a panel consisting of World famous musicians, world famous sports figures and an expert in the field being discussed to address political issues of the day. I will serve as the moderator to the group. We will also invite an audience member to participate, as we strongly believe that there must be a place for the voice of the people on this broadcast. Each show will end with a brief presentation on how the audience can effect change on the issue being discussed. The structure of our organization is non-hierarchical. Our decision-making process will be consensus-based.  So all staff, regardless of official position, will be encouraged to weigh in on the varied aspects of the production of the show. 
We are currently seeking someone with a strong grasp of the issues we will be addressing who comes from a leftist perspective. This person will be heavily involved in the fundraising effort for the show. They will be asked to contact, verbally and in writing, potential donors, including companies that have a progressive bent (i.e. Tom's of Maine). 
Skills required: 
Strong written and verbal communication skills, interest and knowledge of the progressive agenda, strong organizational skills. This is currently a volunteer position, however has the potential to grow into a paid position once we have reached our initial goals. Additionally, you would be needed for the shoot period and will need to be available during that time at the decided location which could be anywhere within the US.
The mission of this show is to provide a forum for celebrities to come out as political entities in order to motivate the audience to develop their own political identities and strengthen their courage to take active roles in global political developments. Additionally, we hope that the show will provide much needed political information that will inspire viewers to work towards a better future. 
Email your resume's and a cover letter describing why you would be a good person on our team. 
Yours Daniel Kontoff 		 	   		  
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