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Hey fellow activists and organizers,

Last week I mentioned we have over 1700 members, but did you know we've
hosted 93 events?! We'll be well over 100 by our 5th birthday party in
September. *Socializing for Justice isn't a non-profit 501(c)(3).* We're a
grassroots volunteer-run member-supported cross-issue progressive community
that's been growing steadily since August 2006.  If you've benefited from
this cross-issue progressive network please contribute the suggested annual
membership fee of $25. You may do this online
<http://www.sojust.org/dues/>or at any of our events. Thank you for
helping us continue to provide a
space for like-minded progressives of all stripes.

*Pre-Order Your SoJust T-shirt by Sunday, April 10 *(pay $20 when you pick
up your shirt)
2 styles to choose from! Learn more and place your
this Sunday.


   - *Campus2Community: Progressive Faculty & Staff Network*
   - *Progressive Voter Index*
   - *Skillshare Series*
   - *Boston Venue Leads List*
   - *SoJust STARZ*
   - *Resources Available at www.sojust.org

*Campus2Community: Progressive Faculty & Staff Network
*Campus2Community is an inclusive, multi-issue network of progressive
faculty and staff in the Greater Boston area. We facilitate
inter-departmental and cross-campus collaboration among faculty and staff.
We support progressive student groups by connecting them with like-minded
community-based organizations and other student groups across campuses in
the area. *Next week we're launching a Campus2Community website to help
facilitate these connections and we're hosting a happy hour for C2C network
in early May. Are you a progressive faculty or staff member?  Fill out the
C2C network interest form to stay in touch: www.bit.ly/C2Cnet-form.*

*Progressive Voter Index
*We feel it's important to support more progressives running for office and
to start we should support candidates who are progressive on a range of
social justice issues. To accomplish this, we're building a cross-issue list
of 10 progressive organizations (and community newspapers) that endorse
candidates. Once we have a final list - if a candidate gets endorsed by 6 or
more we'll meta-endorse them to highlight that they are supported by a range
of progressive organizations. We plan to have this in place for the primary
season this fall. Know an organization we should consider for the list?
Email: robbie at sojust.org.

*Skillshare Series
*SoJust hosts events that draw progressives of all stripes that share common
values but may work on different issues. We create social spaces that allow
for the possibility of cross-issue connections and run a Skillshare Series,
hosted by The NonProfit Center, which builds our individual capacity to make
a difference in the world. We're booked through the summer, but always open
to new topics or trainer suggestions. Email: robbie at sojust.org.

*Boston Venue Leads List
**"Where can I hold my event? Know any good venues?*" *(We've received 10
leads so far - we'll make this list public when we have at least 25)*
I often get asked for suggestions for where to hold different events. What
would be really helpful is if we had an organized resource list of venues in
the Boston area that would host progressive/activist meetings or events.
With your help SoJust is going to build this list. Please share your venue
leads via www.bit.ly/VenueLeads. Together we'll build a stronger progressive
movement in Boston. (We'll be updating this form with additional a/v
questions shortly - thanks to the help of folks who shared their expertise).

*Ever wonder why our events are soo friendly? It's thanks to the SoJust
STARZ! Attend 3 events in a 3 month period and we'll recognize you as one of
our regulars and deputize you a STAR. STARZ are asked to meet 3 people they
don't know within the first hour of SoJust events and introduce them to
someone else in the room. They also help out at events and generally welcome
all the newcomers (generally 50% of the attendees are new to SoJust). STARZ
are also invited to our annual Visioning, 2 planning meetings and 3 fun
STARZ-only potlucks each year. They're ambassadors and spread the word via
Facebook, business cards and by attending events as SoJust reps.They stay in
touch with each other via the SoJust STARZ Facebook group. If you've been
coming regularly and we haven't made you a STAR - tell us and we'll make
that happen! Another great reason to stay involved with SoJust even after
you've found the connections you were looking for.

*Resources Available at www.sojust.org
** *At the root of SoJust's vision is the philosophy of abundance - we
firmly believe that sharing knowledge leads to infinite possibilities. We
manage an online hub at www.sojust.org that includes a calendar
<http://www.sojust.org/calendar>of cross-promoted social justice events
(8-10 a day!), a list <http://www.bit.ly/BostonCalendars>of 40+ web
calendars, a message board <http://www.sojust.org/boards> (*you must be
logged in to access*) for job openings and volunteer opportunities, and -
with your help - soon we'll be sharing a list of event venues (see above).

*April 14 - Potluck & T-shirt Swap for
Justice<http://www.sojust.org/events/16962004/> @
The Democracy Center in Harvard
May 2 - Skillshare: Art of the
Schmooze<http://www.sojust.org/events/16962412/> @
The NonProfit Center
May 19 - Connecting for Justice <http://www.sojust.org/events/16962589/> (
SoJust's Open House) @ Lir on Boylston
Help spread the word via SoJust Facebook

*New Leaders Council: Invest in a Progressive Future - Wednesday, April 13 -
*Hennesey's by Faneuil Hall
I wanted to let you know about an excellent leadership training program for
young progressives, New Leaders Council Institute. As a 2011 Fellow, I receive
top-notch training in the Institute (at no cost!) and I'm connected with
NLC's amazing alumni network. The 2011 Fellows are deeply grateful for this
opportunity, and with your help, we can pay it forward. *Please join us at
our fundraiser featuring comedian and actor Jimmy Tingle! Tickets are $20
($25 at the door). Show your support with a sponsorship of $50 or more!
Purchase tickets and sponsorships at http://www.bit.ly/NLCBoston.*

*Potluck and T-shirt Swap for Justice - Thursday, April 14 - 6-8:30PM*
Democracy Center in Harvard Square
Looking for an excuse to clean out your t-shirt drawer(s)? Want to show off
your best potluck dish? This is the event for you! Bring 3 or more lightly
used t-shirts. Leave with the same number! All sizes welcomed - remember
this is a group of like-minded progressives, so bring interesting radical
t-shirts and not just your “Walk” shirts. Children welcomed!
*RSVP:* http://www.sojust.org/events/16962004/ (newcomers always welcome!)

*Skillshare: Art of the Schmooze**** - Monday, May 2 - 6-8:30PM*
The NonProfit Center by South Station
Do you often get stuck in conversations? Not know how to approach people at
networking events?  *Attend this fast-paced, fun & interactive skillshare
presented by SoJust Co-Founder Robbie Samuels! *Forming and cultivating
relationships is at the heart of any successful fundraising campaign,
volunteer drive, committee effort or community building activity. This
workshop will give you the confidence to pursue your personal goals - from
the importance of shaking hands and making eye contact, to tips on the best
opening line and how to exit a conversation gracefully. An amazing side
benefit is that you'll learn how to create a welcoming community space by
keeping an eye out for outliers, considering yourself a host instead of a
guest and knowing how to compliment someone without "othering" them.*
Learn more and RSVP:
* *(bring your own dinner)

*Connecting for Justice (Open House) - Thursday, May 19 - 6-8:30PM*
Lir on Boylston by Hynes Convention Center
Meet like-minded progressives and get connected to great social justice
organizations in Boston. *Haven't been to a Socializing for Justice
event?*It’s time to meet the friendly faces of the group that’s grown
to over 1700
members, hosted 90+ events and fostered hundreds of connections since our
founding 4 1/2 years ago. Join us at this fun social if you are ready to go
collected at the door. ($10 includes raffle ticket for a $20 Trader Joe's
gift card)
*RSVP:* http://www.sojust.org/events/16962589/ *Newcomers always welcomed!*
For Justice,

 Robbie Samuels
Co-Founder & Co-Organizer Socializing for Justice
@sojust <http://www.twitter.com/sojust> |

*Did you see this awesome SoJust video

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