[act-ma] The Working Class Needs to Take Politica Power -- Socialist Workers Party campaign event, Saturday, May 14, 7:00PM

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Fri May 13 17:38:22 PDT 2011

Hear Kevin Dwire, the Socialist Workers Party candidate
 for Boston City Council
The Working Class Needs 
To Take Political Power
          The deepening economic crisis has created a disaster for working 
people – high unemployment, lower wages, higher prices for food, fuel and rent. 
These are results of the dictatorship of capital today: how the capitalists use 
their state to defend their class interests against ours, those of workers and 
          There is no “Boston” solution. Working people ultimately need to 
organize a fight for revolutionary change: to take state power to overturn 
capitalist rule, expropriate capitalist property in industry and banking. In 
this way our class can use the wealth that we create to meet the needs of the 
majority. Workers power – our own state – will mean using the most powerful 
weapon possible to uproot all forms of exploitation and oppression. 

Saturday, May 14    7:00PM
At the Militant Labor Forum Hall
13 Bennington St., 2nd Floor, East Boston
Contact us at 617-569-9169 or at swpboston at verizon.net
Read more about the socialist campaign in the Militant – a socialist newsweekly 
published in the interests of working people.
Pick up a subscription at the meeting – 12 weeks for $5.00)
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