[act-ma] 6/3 Friday: Boston Workshop - "What is Socialism?"

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*What is Socialism?**
Part of the free PSL Socialism Workshop Series
/Biweekly study groups in June & July/*

*TOMORROW, Friday, June 3 at 6:30 p.m.
St. Katherine Drexel Parish - 175 Ruggles St.*

It is no accident that the bankers have spent decades promoting 
anti-communism as an almost unofficial religion in the United States. 
Socialism is the ideology of workers’ power. It is the doctrine that 
states that society should be run to benefit the majority—the working 
people—rather than the billionaires.

*Join us on Friday, June 3, for the first in a series of Socialism 
workshops to learn more about the alternative to capitalism and what we 
must do to get there. Click here to register now--there is no cost to 
participate. <http://www2.pslweb.org/site/R?i=fZsk-CVYmf38OC0wwiGeLw..>*

/Tired of budget cuts, mass layoffs, endless war and racist police? PSL 
Boston will be holding its Socialism Workshop Series in June and July! 
Join us for a series of workshops and group discussion on socialism and 
building a revolutionary movement./

*Other upcoming workshops include:*

    * War, imperialism and the U.S. Empire
    * Cuba: Gains and challenges of the socialist revolution
    * Defeating racism and building unity
    * Is revolution possible in the United States?

/For more information, contact boston at pslweb.org 
<mailto:boston at pslweb.org> or (857) 334-5084 <tel:%28857%29%20334-5084>./

Register - no cost to participate

*Spread the word!


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