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Join us for a magical day and a half of music, dancing, poetry, puppetry,
drumming, circus performers, fire spinners, aerial dancers, live animation and more on a beautiful farm in the hills of central Maine  (all for
just $20!) . . .


Just off the road from touring with
John Medeski, Club D'Elf brings their hypnotic grooves to Maine! Blending funk, Morrocan trance, avant-garde jazz, the blues, Indian influences,
and more, Club D'Elf is guaranteed to transport you to another world!

AEG is a dynamic acoustic roots/rock band whose unique
diversity of folk, pop and acoustic rock sound, perfectly combines Ezra's passion for smart well written lyrics and the bands amazing musicianship.
Bringing their sound together with full, rich, complex, and hook laden melodies, the band ignites the stage with a power that has been compared to
that of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

After 15 years of seclusion somewhere in the Wilderness of the Great White North, Johnny Crashed and the
Rednecks have once again begun to bring their songs of heartache, redemption, revolution and Jesus, wrapped in a cloud of marijuana haze, to Western
Maine and beyond....

After heavy metal band 'The Dog Stomping Llamas'
disbanded over creative differences, members Jed Allen, his brother Elijah, and good friend Tyler Russell began to assemble what they believed would
be 'The Craziest band in the history of music.' They wanted a band that would have no genre, and be able to play funk, rock, ska, or japanese pop if
the occaision arose. They also wanted an insane live show, to do this they recruited best friends and jugglers Shane Miclon, and Aaron Dewitt. Once
the lineup was set they went on a crash course towards making every live show like a circus.

From across the Universe to a solar system near you, inspired by the spirits of Woody Guthrie, John
Hartford, Elvis and Jerome Garcia, playing songs of love, heartbreak and celebration drawn from the deep well of Americana - Certified Organic Music
-this is The Intergalactic Yurt Band.
IGYB is a collective of artists, misfits,
craftsmen and dreamers drawn together by love, music and the need to build a community with others of our tribe. With a home base in Danville
Junction, IGYB plays Central and Western Maine wherever there's a stage that will hold all 7 members.

The Macrotones have been
bringing tightly honed afrofunk to Boston, Cambridge, New England, and beyond since 2007. Whether they're opening for national headliners like the
Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars and Grupo Fantasma, splitting a bill with a great regional band, or playing all night themselves, The Macrotones' taut
rhythms keep the bodies moving and heads nodding.

One World Puppetry and Performance Art is a creative force of
interactive performers and artists such as stilt walkers, fire spinners, drummers and other musicians, even dancers. One World is a collective of
multiple sized puppets, of all different sorts of characters including traditional stage puppet performance and puppet pageantry. We encourage the
audience to create, imagine and participate with us. We are available for most any experience you need or can think up.

A MOONSHIP production, whether it is a touring show or band, a collage or
community festival, seeks to engage and educate "PASSENGERS" while giving them a vehicle for self discovery. We will activate all the senses
of young and old on this journey through history or fantasy while giving them a safe space for exploration and creativity.

Cloudland is a magical place where furry Fofers play,
dance, make music and art. Cloudland is a colorful world where kids of all ages are invited to crawl through the Cloud Tunnel, chill in the Cloud
Tent, enjoy Foferific songs and shows, parades and tea parties, dress up in costumes, have their faces painted and get their fofergraph taken, all to
bring out and embrace their inner Fofer. Visit Fofers.com for foferific videos, art projects and more.

..YARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! We be a rovin' band of pirates, Singing songs of ghost ships and
revolutionaries, clearin' the name of many the misrepresented Pirate. With stories, shanties, dances and a healthy swig o' rum, we'll take ya scurvy
dogs on a trip to the high seas. From Punk to Spanish, Rock to Celtic, Arrrrr music spans time and spins the world! We belong to a caravan of nomadic
dancers from belly to burlesque to downright bizarre (and beautiful) barefoot wenches. and for the right treasure chest we may show thee where we keep
the fire breathers and aerial dancers!

Lazzlo is an eclectic mix of Americana, Funk, Blues, Bluegrass, and tinges of Country.
When this group of musicians get together it is always a celebration of life and truth. There is no greater feeling than when many hearts come
together to proclaim one sound or make one voice. PEACE...

Sean "Green Man" Donahue and a band of  magical missfits bring poetry, music, ritual, and
prophetic ramblings pulled through a tear in the fabric of the veil between worlds and let it flow into your heart, awakening you to the wildness
within and around you.

Nevaeh Dance Company was formed in a church basement back in 2005 by
sisters Nettie and Hannnah Gentempo, our goal is to turn "dance" into creative and interesting story telling through the art of movement. All dances
are choreographed by the ones who preform them. Neveah dance group is made up of a variety of dancers with all different styles and backgrounds in
dance, everything from african, to bollywood, to ballet. The wonderful thing about working with so many different artist, is that it challenges one to
discover new ways of moving together, while still expressing ourselves as individuals.

  Vermont artist a. minor creates A world of light, 
 based on ancient Mayan elements and
 interplanetary journeys through live animation.

and fire spinning,
aerials, drum workshops, sweat lodge, swimming, and more!



People are welcome to camp overnight for no additional charge but must leave by noon on
Artists, Artisans, and Healers --
Vendor spaces are available!  E-mail cowpastureproductions at gmail.com for details.

Directions to Open Sky FarmPlease note to follow these directions closely. If you attempt to MapQuest us or come in from the wrong end of the road,
then chances are you will either end up lost, or your car will get stuck in a ditch
Take Rt.4 out of Auburn and into Turner:
At the blinking light, turn Left onto Rt. 117
Follow 117 into Buckfield Center (Tilton's Market on your left)
Take a right over the bridge, and then bear left immediately onto North Buckfield Rd.
Follow North Buckfield Rd. for a couple of miles, past an Old Grange Hall on your left, and over a real small bridge.
Immediately over the bridge, turn right onto River Rd., which turns to dirt after about ¼ mile.
Stay on River Rd. until you come to a fork, where you will bear left onto Damon Rd.
Stay on Damon Rd. and you will go past our farm-pond, and up the hill to our farmhouse and barn.
Please park in one of our parking lots and not on the road!





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