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[Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested in applying.]
Fundraising assistant for a progressive third party.  Can work from home.
Commissioned Fundraiser
Employer Name:            Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party
Employer Classification: Non-profit, political party
Job Title:            Commissioned Fundraiser
Full-Time or Part-Time:            Part-Time
Salary Range:            Based on commission
Number Of Vacancies:            2
City/Town:            Anywhere
Application Deadline:            06-24-2011
Posting ID:            F1102
Will work as contractor to the Administrative Committee with primary duty of 
making telephone contact with Party members who have received postal fundraising 
appeals.  It is expected that applicants will devote at least 6 hours per week 
to telephone work.  Other responsibilities that may be assigned are entering 
fundraising results into a database and assisting in preparation of fundraising 
Applicant must have good telephone skills and be able to keep accurate records 
of results.  Must be self-starting and able to work independently.  Should 
understand and appreciate the purposes of a clean money public interest 
political organization.  Familiarity with or prior involvement with 
Green-Rainbow initiatives is helpful but not required.
Applicant will receive between 10 per cent and 35 per cent of funds raised 
through their direct action, the amount to be negotiated depending upon other 
duties undertaken.  Applicant must be of good character and must be 
conscientious in the handling of financial records.
How to Apply:
Send letter or resume to  jandrews166 at gmail.com or to GRP Fundraising, 22 
Kendall Road, Lexington, MA 02421 by June 24, 2011.  Letter should note previous 
experience,  availability, and other qualifications.
For questions regarding this posting, please write the email address given 
Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party
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