[act-ma] 6/24 - 6/26: "The Last Mountain" - The Film Dirty Coal Doesn't Want You to See - Kendall Sq & West Newton Theatres

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*/The Last Mountain/ is opening this weekend in Boston. 

*TLMPoster.jpg <http://action.lcv.org/site/R?i=X9RghSpERAeeTQ2fB2Bbdw..>*

*Click here for more details about the film Dirty Coal doesn't want you 
to see. <http://action.lcv.org/site/R?i=yicnql5pzTNXAaSFKZDW9g..>*

PF --

For years coal companies have been wreaking havoc on communities across 
the country with their devastating mining practices. As our pristine 
Appalachian mountains are literally blown up, our rivers poisoned, and 
our air polluted, Dirty Coal continues to profit. Burning coal continues 
to be one of the greatest sources of global warming pollution in the world.

Finally, after the destruction of nearly 500 mountains, 1 million acres 
of forests, and 2,000 miles of Appalachian streams, one community is 
standing up to Dirty Coal. A compelling new film, */The Last Mountain 
<http://action.lcv.org/site/R?i=rdKtQtI4sQxEB9bAtMrncw..>/*, chronicles 
the Coal River Valley community in West Virginia's struggle against the 
coal companies as they fight for their children's health and safety.

*You can help them.*

This movie is only opening in select cities right now. But a strong 
showing this weekend can help ensure that thousands more will get the 
chance to see the truth behind the coal industry's destructive 
practices. By going to see /The Last Mountain/ this weekend, you'll 
increase the chance of it being shown in additional theaters across the 
country -- which is vital if we're going to expose Dirty Coal's dirty 
lies to a wider audience.

Here are the details for the Boston opening weekend showing:

      *Where: *Kendall Square Cinema and West Newton Cinema
      *When:* Friday, June 24; Saturday, June 25; and Sunday June 26
      *Why: Click here to watch the movie trailer.

If we are truly going to transition to a clean energy economy and solve 
the climate crisis, we need to get serious about our use of dirty coal. 
And just as importantly, we need to help give a voice to those 
communities most directly impacted by the coal industry's 
anti-environment, anti-worker practices.

*Make sure that the nation learns the truth that Dirty Coal has been 
trying to hide. Click here for more information about /The Last 
Mountain/. <http://action.lcv.org/site/R?i=Z-qjRhXdTeMUMTJvv8Q1Gg..>*

Gene Karpinski
League of Conservation Voters


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