[act-ma] 7/2, 7/3 (REMINDER) Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation Course @ e5

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I want to attend but have a request to bring tobias, is this possible? 

alisa <alisa.wind at gmail.com> wrote:

>*Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” MLK
>July 2nd + 3rd
>Introduction to
>Certified Course, $60 for Full Weekend (16 hours)*
>Facilitator: Ruth K Henry, Lengua de Mi Barrio; Cartagena University,
>Co-Facilitator: Jonathan Lewis
>JULY 2-3* (10am-7pm)
>                   @  *encuentro 5* - 33 Harrison Avenue, 5th Floor
>                         Boston, MA 02111
>                         www.encuentro5.org
>For more info and to register,
>Please visit: www.transformingconflict.net
>*Course Description:*
>In this introductory course, participants will receive an overview of the
>life, work, and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King and will explore how his
>philosophy of nonviolence can be and has been applied in diverse settings
>across the globe to confront injustice and build towards beloved community.
>By learning and analyzing Dr. King’s Six Principles of Nonviolence as well
>as his six step methodology, students will become familiar with a viable,
>practical, and historically effective map for how to create lasting social
>change through nonviolent direct action and dig deep below conflicts to find
>true reconciliation.  They will also be introduced to conflict dynamics,
>types, levels, and strategies for reconciliation. They will learn the
>salient points of major Civil Rights campaigns and reflect on the
>ingredients which made them successful. Social models for comprehensive
>change, such as Hausser’s Top-Down Bottom-Up and Aggression-Conciliation
>models, will serve as a further framework for understanding the complex
>relationships between groups of people across a given community and how to
>navigate through them towards justice.  Using a variety of interactive
>techniques, participants will also reflect together on how to apply these
>teachings in our current environments.
>*Origin of Curriculum:*
>The curriculum for this course, designed by Dr. Bernard Lafayette, has been
>taught and implemented in countries around the world, such as Nigeria,
>Colombia, South Africa, Mexico, and the Middle East. Dr. Lafayette was a
>close friend and confidant of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a Civil Rights
>Movement activist, minister, and educator, co-founder of the Student
>Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) , and director of the Selma Voting
>Rights Campaign. He is considered a global authority on the strategy of
>nonviolent social change and has created this course as a response to Dr.
>King’s mandate that the next step for his work was the institutionalization
>and internationalization of Nonviolence.
>The course will be conducted by Ruth Henry, who has been certified as a
>Kingian nonviolence trainer by Dr. Lafayette. Ruth is an artist, teacher,
>and activist who has worked in and across Boston organizations such as
>Inquilinos Boricuas en Accion, Project Hip Hop, and Critical Breakdown to
>bring youth together across violent neighborhood conflicts through social
>justice education and the arts. She currently teaches at the University of
>Cartagena  in Colombia and is the director of La Lengua de mi Barrio, a Hip
>Hop exchange program between Colombia and the United States which unites Hip
>Hop artists and activists through workshops, trainings, performances,
>recordings, binational exchanges and virtual communications in order to
>share strategies and join our communities’ nonviolent social justice work.
>As Hip Hop emcee, she is a member of Matriarkao, a Cartagena-based female
>Hip Hop collective also dedicated to nonviolence and social justice.

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