[act-ma] August 4-7: One More Damn Conference [Banking on Families and Communities to Be the Change] Brown Univ, RI

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*One More Damn Conference. *

*But this one is different.*

>From August 4-7, there will be a four day gathering at Brown University:

Time for Transformation: Banking on Families and Communities to Be the 

TimeBank community members, coordinators, activists, academicians, 
students, intellectuals and just dedicated human beings will gather to 
share knowledge about the different ways in which TimeBanking, an 
hour-for-hour currency, is being used to advance social justice.

Come hear from the pioneers using TimeBanking about applications to 
child development, juvenile justice, special education, reentry, family 
support, violence reduction, bridging diversity, eldercare and community 

This conference is about sharing knowledge and breakthroughs.

It means actually accessing a powerful new tool you can take home.

TimeBank pioneers will show you what happens when you use a medium of 
exchange that build a spirit of co-operation, which you create locally, 
that is not taxed as commercial barter and that can be used to 
compensate and reward.

* Labor that the market does not value; caring labor, civic labor, 
social justice labor

* Workers excluded from the work force or discarded by the market who 
can help you build community: children, teenagers, the elderly, the 
disabled and myriads more

In 1992, Ralph Nader wrote:

Citizen action must rest on a new economic base: one that makes it 
possible for people to meet their own needs while working to rebuild 
community and revitalize democracy at the grass roots level. Now along 
comes the Time Dollar, an organized, inflation-proof currency that can 
provide as constant, as powerful, as reliable, a reward for decency as 
the market does for selfishness. It has been tested and it works. 
Government does not control it. It does not need new laws to make it 
happen. It can spring up tomorrow in a thousand places.

Resources are always limited. In a period of budget cutbacks and 
recession, social problems are multiplying at a rate that outstrips the 
most creative fundraising. The Time Dollar represents a strategy to 
generate tremendous resources and to involve thousands of people on a 
sustained basis.

Come  learn about a movement powered by reciprocity  with a currency 
that harnesses altruism in tandem with self-interest to create social 
change. Learn directly about how you can put TimeBanking to work in your 
work. You will meet with people who are showing what happens when you do 
so. You will become part of a network that provides continuing support, 
coaching and wisdom.

A new social network tool will be unveiled: Community Weaver 2.0.

This software enables TimeBanks to mobilize for events and projects, 
match people who have needs with people who have time and talents.

The new software is available to all TimeBanks.

It is being upgraded to an Open Source Platform.

Steps are underway to make it available on smart phones, with 
multi-lingual screens.

Go home with a new strategy, a new network of allies, a new tool and a 
new vision of what is possible. Go home with hope grounded in decades of 
learning by pragmatic dreamers who have succeeded, dealt with setbacks, 
survived and triumphed.

*/TimeBanks have spread to over 260 communities in the United States and 
over thirty four nations. /*

*/As a  nation,  we are in moral, fiscal and political gridlock. It’s 
time to break out. /*

*/Come join us in Providence Rhode Island, August 4-7 


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