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Fall Program Season Begins

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One Great Crisis
The Tea Party
Bullies and Cyber-bullies
Mark Your Calendar
Lawrence Lessig



September 2011


How do we live today? Consumer confidence is down; citizen confidence in our representatives
and president is declining; parents' confidence in their children's future is shaky;
students' confidence in their schools is sorely tried.  This fall Cambridge Forum
looks at some of the underlying causes for this crisis of confidence in so many 
aspects of American life in the hope that by understanding the challenges and discussing
the possibilities, we can find ways to bring our values of economic justice, democratic
government, social mobility, and educational opportunity back into the center of
 our nation's life.
Join us to talk about these vital issues!

Pat  Suhrcke, Director

Cambridge Forum

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Cambridge Forum

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Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
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One Great Crisis:

How the World Economy Fell Apart and Why the Economists Didn't Have A Clue


September 8 @ 7pm

James K. Galbraith discusses  the economic crisis and why economists did not understand
what was at stake or warn us to modify our troubled economic structures in time 
to avoid the crisis itself.
What impact does economic theory have on our individual well-being? Why didn't current
theory predict the economic melt-down?   How could the public - from investors to
employees to retirees - have been better served?
James K. Galbraith is the Lloyd M. Bentsen Chair in Government/Business Relations
and Professor of Government at the University of Texas, Austin. He directs the University
of Texas Inequality Project, an informal research group based at the LBJ School.

The 	Tea Party and the Remaking of Republican Conservatism


September 14@ 7pm

Harvard 	political scientist Theda 	Skocpol discusses 	the Tea Party.  What are 
the sources of its influence?  How is it similar to other attempts to create a third
political party?  How is it different?  What impact has it had on 	current policy
debates?  On the 2012 election cycle?

Bullies 	and Cyber-bullies:
Victims, Victimizers, and Communities

September 21@ 7pm

PsychologistElizabeth 	Englander,  	neuroscientist Tracy 	Vaillancourt, and 	storyteller
Odds Bodkin examine the phenomenon of bullying.  Bullies have been around since 
Hercules; how are they different today?  What 	can we learn from the accumulated
 wisdom of our culture  and from the 	modern discoveries of neuroscience about the
impact of  bullying on 	both victims and victimizers?

Mark Your Calendar

October 4 @ 8pm

Brandeis University Law Professor Anita Hill discusses her new memoir Reimagining
Equality.  What does her  experience as an African American woman in the late 20th
century tell us about the success of recent movements for racial and gender equality?

Lawrence Lessig

Last fall Lessig, a Harvard Law Professor, spoke of the impact of the Citizen's 
United Supreme Court decision on our representative democracy.  Now he's spearheading
a movement for a Constitutional Convention.

Revisit his talk on the Forum Network:

Forum Network Lawrence Lessig "Change Congress" [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=7wih55cab&et=1107468794577&s=217&e=001B1wGJJKX6bKiE7B9khjI8robKs_8K1P-K9XkgLcblMcRUdop_XU0_6PRlar8XLvaFW4VzfnEm_6CITa0kQ-QCuBnq79lXGpeeImtceVpc34w3BZVUAintY-NRAw8IT2H_TKucMiupjaQqRHnHfvZz5PiiEuu7PMji3lxdOZlOgg=]

Send us a question.

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 to us by e-mail and the moderator will ask it on your behalf.

James Galbraith [mailto:director at cambridgeforum.org]
Theda Skocpol [mailto:director at cambridgeforum.org]
Panel on Bullying [mailto:director at cambridgeforum.org]

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