[act-ma] REPORT: tonight's Amazing #OccupyBoston action!

Brian K bdubkwob at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 21:11:45 PDT 2011

Hey folks,


Just wanted to send a quick report-back about the OccupyBoston action that
took place just now (from 7:30pm till around 11) on the Boston common.
It was an incredible action.
Some 400-500 people came out!
 We began with a mass meeting in front of the Gazebo on the common.
There were some speeches about what's wrong with society economic injustice,
inequality, jobs, etc.
Then we broke out into subgroups: legal (which is laying the basis for
defense against police attacks, outreach, media, food, and tactical. The
tactical team was tasked with deciding WHERE the Boston occupation should
take place.
My group, the outreach group, grouped into regional sub groups: college
students, cambridge/somerville, newton, roxbury, western mass, etc.
We reconvened after an hour and decided to occupy the Dewey Square Park in
the financial district of downtown Boston. There was some debate about
whether to start the occupation this Friday or a week after this Friday.
Ultimately the decision was 'tabled' until tomorrow's night...

BY THE WAY, a quick google or facebook search reveals that there are now
groups coalescing around such names as Occupy Chicago, Occupy Portland,
Occupy D.C., Occupy Phoneix, Occupy L.A., and Occupy Detroit, Occupy
Houston, Occupy Birmingham, Miami, Dallas, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Lexington
KY, and about 20 OTHER CITIES!!!!


See http://occupytogether.org for more info.

The next action in Boston is tomorrow night at the Gazebo on the Common 6pm.
Be there! If you're aren't in Massachusetts, just see occupytogether.org or
Google "Occupy [your city]" and find out how you can get in on the action in
your city!

If you can't make it to any occupation, please get ready to donate money for
legal defense, bring clothes, sleeping bags, tents, to occupiers, and SPREAD
THE WORD. This thing is going WAY beyond Wall St. and is bringing the energy
from the mass uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Israel, Syria,
Bahrain, and Yemen to the United Fucking States of America!

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