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October 7-9 -- Open Sky Farm, Sumner, ME

Taina Asili y La Banda Rebelde
Puerto Rican vocalist Taína Asili carries on the tradition of her
ancestors, fusing past and present struggles into one soulful and defiant voice. Her newest artistic work is with la Banda Rebelde (the Rebel Band), a
six piece international ensemble based in Albany, NY. Powerful vocals laid over an energetic fusion of Afro-Caribbean, reggae, rock, and hip hop
sounds, the band’s eclectic style represents the diversity of its members, who have origins in Puerto Rico, Sicily, Greece, Spain, Brazil and

Tricky Britches 
Tricky Britches is a high-energy string band hailing from Portland,
Maine. From their roots of playing heel-stomping old-time fiddle tunes they have progressed into a fusion of classic
bluegrass, country, and folk rock. The band consists of Tyler Lienhardt on Fiddle, Seth Doyle on Mandolin, Jed Bresette on Bass,
Ryan “Bear” Wilkinson on Banjo, and Nick Wallace on Guitar.

Club D'Elf
What is this thing called "Club d'Elf"? No, it's not a club, as in venue,
but it is sort of a "club", as in a group of like-minded individuals who gather together to amuse themselves (and hopefully the audience who comes to
see it) with the musical equivalent of secret handshakes. In this case the "secret handshake" is an unspoken adhesion and fierce devotion to grooves
that induce trance, and the club is a collective of musicians from all manner of varied backgrounds.  Just back from touring with John Medeski,
they bring their unique sound back to the Open Sky Farm.

Johnny Crashed and the Rednecks
After 15 years of seclusion somewhere in the Wilderness of the Great
White North, Johnny Crashed and the Rednecks have once again begun to bring their songs of heartache, redemption, revolution and Jesus, wrapped in a
cloud of marijuana haze, to Western Maine and beyond....
Featuring the original music and hard strumming of Johnny Crashed on
guitar, the multi-instrumental talents of Zig-Zag (dobro, keyboard, harmonica, melodica, saxaphone), the stand up punk rock bass w/attitude, Jah-Sun,
and the virginal vocals of Jezzable, drumming/percussion by Shambo, (with special guests on mandolin)

Van Lawton Tribute

Musicians and friends are invited to perform the songs of the late great
musician, songwriter, and artist Van Lawton.  E-mal cowpastureproductions at gmail.com to get involved with this tribute.

as well as . . .

A Minor
 Vermont artist a. minor creates A world of light, based on ancient
Mayan elements and interplanetary journeys through live animation. 

The Scallywags
YARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! We be a rovin' band of pirates, Singing songs
of ghost ships and revolutionaries, clearin' the name of many the misrepresented Pirate. With stories, shanties, dances and a healthy swig o' rum,
we'll take ya scurvy dogs on a trip to the high seas. From Punk to Spanish, Rock to Celtic, Arrrrr music spans time and spins the world! We belong to
a caravan of nomadic dancers from belly to burlesque to downright bizarre (and beautiful) barefoot wenches. and for the right treasure chest we may
show thee where we keep the fire breathers and aerial dancers!

Crash Barry
Crash Barry worked for a decade as a print and radio reporter in Portland, Maine, specializing in
his own style of undercover journalism. He stayed in homeless shelters and flophouses, cleaned nasty apartments and restaurants, infiltrated religious
cults and hate groups, to provide detailed reports from a unique perspective. A former media critic, talk show producer and guidebook author, Crash
Barry also labored as a janitor, bartender and bouncer. He's landscaped, raked blueberries, demolished a bank vault and refinished wood floors. Plus,
he was a farmhand, a sternman on a lobster boat and a sailor in the U.S. Coast Guard. He lives in the hills of western Maine.

Neveah Dance Company
Nevaeh Dance Company was formed in a church basement back in 2005
by sisters Nettie and Hannnah Gentempo, our goal is to turn "dance" into creative and interesting story telling through the art of movement. All
dances are choreographed by the ones who preform them. Neveah dance group is made up of a variety of dancers with all different styles and backgrounds
in dance, everything from african, to bollywood, to ballet. The wonderful thing about working with so many different artist, is that it challenges one
to discover new ways of moving together, while still expressing ourselves as individuals.

Like so much of our culture, dance is very often presented without
a context. Certainly dance can and should be an opportunity to sway your hips and forget your troubles. But limiting dance to simply the role of
entertainment, seduction, and physical release is to not fully understand where dance can, and perhaps should take us.  Now imagine a gathering
where dance is something more. Where dance refuses to slip away into the great forgetting and instead makes us remember. Makes us remember our
history, our hopes, our collective responsibility, our pain, our joy, and challenges us to create something different in a world that stands on the
brink.   RESISTDANCE seeks to bring this back through choreography that makes us ask questions and seek

The Green Man Medicine Show
Sean "Green Man" Donahue and a band of  magical missfits
bring poetry, music, ritual, and prophetic ramblings pulled through a tear in the fabric of the veil between worlds and let it flow into your heart,
awakening you to the wildness within and around you.

and  Divided Sky Cafe',  camping, vendors, hot tub,  and
more TBA

all ages welcome
gates open Friday at 4:00 p.m.
all campers must leave Sunday by noon

tickets and more information at
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