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UJP Activist: Occupy Boston – Not Palestine 


When: Tuesday, October 18, 2011, 6:00 pm 

Where: Dewey Park • Atlantic Ave. & Summer St • South Station T • Boston

JWJ (Jewish Women for Justice in Israel/Palestine) calls for all people
supporting Palestinian rights to join us for a 45 minute demonstration at the
site of the OccupyBoston camp. JWJ will provide a simple leaflet and invites
everyone to make homemade signs around these three slogans:

  * Occupy Boston – Not Palestine

      * Build houses in Boston. Stop destroying Palestinians' homes!

      * $8+million per day = U.S. Military Aid to Israel

Occupy Boston has told us that we are free to demonstrate – that it is the
peoples’ space. JWJ will try to ensure that we appear on the camp’s various
daily calendars. Many Boston-area activists around the Middle East have already
spent time at OccupyBoston. Let’s pull together to raise this issue.
Pass the word. Bring signs! See you there.
In struggle,
Jewish Women for Justice in Israel/Palestine




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