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Thu Dec 1 06:30:10 PST 2011

Hey fellow activists and organizers,

We hope to see you at the last Socializing for Justice event of 2011 before
you get lost in the holidaze. We'll be hosting our annual SoJust Visioning
in January - if you're one of the SoJust STARZ (regulars) you'll be
invited, if you're a community leader we'd love you to join us - email me
for details. We're planning great events for 2012, so be sure to encourage
your friends to get connected at www.sojust.org.

*Socializing for Justice seeks an Organizer Intern for Spring 2012 *Apply
Now! <http://www.sojust.org/messages/boards/thread/18170502>**
Announcing an opportunity to work with Socializing for Justice as an
Organizer Intern! This is an amazing learning experience and we're hoping
to find a student who shares our passion for social change and has a
willingness to learn more about organizing. The description available on
our website, anyone interested should send their resume and a brief
statement of interest (cover letter) to SoJust's co-organizer Robbie
Samuels at robbie at sojust.org. Please share this email with your friends. *You
do not have to be a student to apply.* If you are a student, we'll work
with you if you're able to receive credit.

*Skillshare: Public Speaking* by Dave Rini
*Monday, December 5 from 6-8:30PM at The NonProfit Center (by South Station
Introductory public speaking training focuses on building the basic
technical skills necessary to clearly transmit information from the speaker
to an audience. Specific skills include word choice, eye contact, volume,
vocalized pauses, and body language.  Using a small-group format for
practical training followed by a discussion debrief from each exercise, the
training is designed to allow all participants the opportunity to practice
their speaking in an environment that is supportive, attentive, and can
provide useful feedback.
*RSVP:* http://www.sojust.org/events/37997042/ $10-$20 sliding scale


Socializing for Justice seeks an Organizer Intern for Spring 2012 *Apply
Now! <http://www.sojust.org/messages/boards/thread/18170502>*
Pathways to Wellness, Inc. seeks a Program
Public Conversations Project seeks Temporary Marketing Assistant

Stand with Verizon Workers Every
Take Back The Capital: Occupy DC! Free Trip Boston - DC: Dec.

11/30: [CONFERENCE] Be the Media! **SoJust
12/2: [CONFERENCE] Social Good 2.0 Conference
12/4: [RALLY] March Led by Women's Caucus of Occupy

Find lots more and post yourself: www.sojust.org/boards (posting
instructions: www.bit.ly/post2SoJust; other calendars to post to:

For Justice,

Robbie Samuels
Socializing for Justice (SoJust)
Co-Founder & Co-Organizer
robbie at sojust.org


*SOCIALIZING FOR JUSTICE - www.sojust.org*
SoJust is all about building a cross-issue progressive community, network
and movement in Boston. We're doing it by putting the SOCIAL back in SOCIAL
JUSTICE. We focus on creating welcoming spaces that foster
relationship-building across issue silos. Join us if you are ready to go

*SoJust isn't a non-profit 501(c)(3).* We're a grassroots volunteer-run
member-supported cross-issue progressive community that's been growing
steadily since August 2006. We have 1800+ members, hosted 100+ events and
manage an online hub of progressive events and resources at www.sojust.org.
If you've benefited from this cross-issue progressive network, please
contribute the suggested annual membership fee of $25. You may do this
online <http://www.sojust.org/dues/> or at any of our events. Thank you for
helping us continue to provide a space for like-minded progressives of all

*Want to know more about SoJust?* Check out our Frequently Asked
event photos <http://sojust.meetup.com/1/photos/>!
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