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 Dear All,

For over 4 years Liberté Locke has been a stalwart organizer in the
Starbucks Workers' Union. A tireless and compassionate advocate for her
fellow workers, Liberté helped spearhead the successful fight to win
premium pay on the Martin Luther King Day holiday for all Starbucks
baristas in the US!

Liberté's apparent reward from Starbucks Inc is to be targeted for a
sickening retaliation. Liberté has memorably
connection between domination in the workplace and sexual violence,
is a rape survivor. In full knowledge of this, and knowing that she has
recently faced vicious sexual harassment and a robbery attempt on the way
home from work, Starbucks has scheduled Liberté to close her store in New
York City *every night she works.* She gets out of work at 1:45 a.m., and
has at least an hour commute home. Alone among her co-workers as a recent
victim of street crime, Liberté is being made to suffer fear night after
night. Supporters believe this is a cruel attempt to demoralize Liberté and
punish her for defending other workers. Management previously agreed to let
Liberté end her shift at 11 p.m., but they have reneged on this agreement.
Her manager has repeatedly told her that she does not "know her place."

Let's show Starbucks Inc our courageous sister has friends in Boston!
Workers will gather for leafleting and a picket in support of Liberté at
the Starbucks by the recently-raided Occupy Boston camp, right across the
street from South Station on the Red line T. The store's address is 1
Financial Center Boston. We will start our action at 5 p.m. on Friday, Dec.
16. Down with the 1%, like Billionaire Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz! Up
with the 99%, among them targeted union Organizer Liberté Locke!

The Facebook event is here <http://www.facebook.com/events/198649606890468/>.
Please forward this message as widely as possible!

In Solidarity,

Geoff Carens for the Industrial Workers of the World/IWW
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