[act-ma] This Fri, 12/15: Closing Statements, Pack the Court for Tarek Mehanna

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Please spread this to your lists and do you best to be there!
**Please forward widely**
Closing Statements this Friday.
All Out for Dr. Tarek Mehanna! Pack the Court!

*WHEN: Friday, December 16th, 2011 8:30am
WHERE: Moakley Federal Courthouse
1 Courthouse Way, Boston, MA*

Supporters have filled the courtroom daily, maintaining a strong 
presence over the past 2 months. The defense has consistently to put 
forth strong arguments and the case has come to a close. Closing 
statements will be this Friday, in which both sides will present their 
conclusions. The judge will go over detailed jury instructions and the 
jurors will begin the deliberation process.
*Now is the time to step it up and give that last push to do what we can!*

**The Tarek Mehanna Support Committee is calling for supporters to PACK 
THE COURT this Friday for closing statements!**
Please be in the court by 8:30 as the courtroom will most-likely fill up 
quickly. We will help facilitate seating arrangements to the best of our 
abilities. However, we encourage you to come even if you have to come 
late or leave early; any amount of time you can be there makes a 
Also, please note that *we are calling for a rally at the Federal 
Building at 1pm /the day after/ the verdict is announced*, regardless of 
the outcome (we pray that we will be celebrating, insha'Allah!). Of 
course, we don't know what day that will be yet so please keep an eye 
out for updates.
We want to sincerely thank everyone who has come to court throughout the 
course of the trial. It's been amazing to see such an overwhelming 
supporter turnout each day for the past 2 months! This show of support 
is both a testament to Dr. Mehanna's history of service to the community 
and also to the outrageousness of the case against him.

For those of you who may not know, Dr. Mehanna has already spent two 
years in pre-trial solitary confinement under 23 hour lock-down. He is 
accused of “material support for terrorism” and related charges. His 
real offense in the eyes of the US government was his courage as a 
Muslim and a man of conscience: his opposition to wars in Afghanistan 
and Iraq; his vocal support for other Muslims falsely imprisoned by the 
US government and; his refusal to work as an informant for the FBI in 
the Muslim community. For these stands he now faces the possibility of 
life in prison.
Up to date reports on the trial can be found at 
www.freetarek.wordpress.com <http://www.freetarek.wordpress.com/>
More background on Tarek's case and the campaign to defend him can be 
found at www.freetarek.com <http://www.freetarek.com/>

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