[act-ma] Jan. 20, Money Out of Politics Protest at Moakley Courthouse, in Solidarity with Occupy Boston

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Tue Jan 17 10:46:11 PST 2012

Corporations are not people! Get the money out of politics!

           Friday, January 20
                      12:30 – 1:30 pm

John J. Moakley United States Courthouse Northern Avenue at Courthouse Way,
Boston A rally with speakers and street theater Join more than 100 cities
across the nation  protesting the Citizens United Supreme Court decision.
Help amend the US Constitution!

Sponsored by Greater Boston Move to Amend
Occupy the Courts MoveToAmend.org

bostonmta at gmail.com 617-894-6279

Cosponsors: Alliance for Democracy, Clean Water Action of Massachusetts,
Coffee Party USA, Common Cause Massachusetts, Community Labor United,
Corporate Accountability International, Greater Boston Coffee Party, The
LEAH Advocacy Group, MassVOTE, Progressive Democrats of America, Unitarian
Universalist Congregation in Andover. Occupy Boston stands in solidarity
with this event.

Join us as we join 100 cities across the nation protesting the Citizens
United Supreme Court decision, which opened up the floodgate to unlimited
corporate spending to influence elections.

Come and hear about and protest the Citizens United decision. Raise your
voice against the deeper problem of “corporate personhood” and the purchase
of elections by the super-rich. Hear about our campaign to amend the US

The rally is being organized by Greater Boston Move to Amend, the local
affiliate of the Move to Amend national coalition endorsed by hundreds of
organizations, including several Occupy groups, and over one-hundred fifty
thousands individuals who have signed our “Petition to Amend.” The
coalition is working to help end de facto corporate rule and restore
democracy through a constitutional amendment establishing that corporations
are not people and campaign spending is not “free speech.”

The Boston event is one of 100 being held at federal courthouses across the
nation as part of “Occupy the Courts!” – the Move to Amend national day of

Move to Amend has organized successful petition drives calling for an
amendment in Los Angeles, CA, Madison, WI, Missoula, MT, and Boulder, CO.
The coalition’s goal is to mount 50 such campaigns nationwide this season.

Locally, Greater Boston Move to Amend will promote our amendment with
petition drives and public education aimed at passing resolutions of
support at the organizational, local, and eventually state level.
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