[act-ma] This Thursday, We’re Calling Foul on Scott Brown

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***Action Alert, please share widely***


Senator Brown has recently co-sponsored a bill meant to push through the
construction of the highly controversial Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and
take away regulating powers from federal agencies.  A coalition of
concerned Massachusetts residents has been trying to work with the Senator
to have him protect the interests of the people, but he’s made it clear
which side he’s on.  Brown has received $1.9 Million from fossil fuel
corporations and their front line groups and has consistently voted in the
interest of those corporations.

It’s time for the people to call “foul!” on Scott Brown, remind him that
he’s sitting in the people’s seat, and call him out for pushing the
interest of the people aside while the oil and coal industries buy the

Please join a coalition of concerned residents and members of Occupy Boston
this Thursday to throw down the penalty flags and highlight the injustice
and unfairness of the corporate influence on legislators.

What:  Calling “Foul!” on Scott Brown, rally and march to his downtown

When:  Thursday Feb 9, 12:00PM, 12:30 march to office, till 1:30p

Where:  Meet to “suit up” in referee stripes at Park Street Station, 12:30
march to Sen. Brown’s office, JFK Federal Building

What to Bring:  There will be lots of referee shirts for you to wear, but
feel free to come dressed as a referee or otherwise.   You can also bring
signs, whistles, penalty flags, positive attitudes, and all your friends!

Who:  A coalition of Massachusetts residents, the Occupy Boston Climate
Sustainability and Environmental Justice working group, Boston Occupiers
and you!

Contact:  occupyboston.climate.action at gmail.com
If you use facebook, please RSVP and share:


Scott Brown and a cohort of elected officials who have received large
campaign contributions from fossil fuel interests have introduced Bill
push through approval for the Keystone XL Tar Sands pipeline.  If
the 1,700 mile pipeline will transport the dirty oil product from the point
of destruction <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaF5NfCjWHs> in the Boreal
forests of Alberta, through fragile watersheds in the U.S. and to tax
havens in the Gulf of Mexico for
world markets.  The project has already been denied a permit by the
President due to potential environmental impacts. Occupy Boston recently
passed a resolution<http://www.occupyboston.org/2012/02/06/occupy-boston-supports-fossil-fuel-nuclear-subsidies/>calling
for an end to all government subsidies to fossil fuel interests, an
end to energy industry influence on the political process, and the
rejection of this catastrophic Keystone XL mistake.  Senator Brown’s latest
move has proven that he is beholden to the desires of the fossil fuel
interests and the people of Massachusetts are going to remind him who’s
seat he’s sitting in.  (“Who’s seat?  Our seat!”)


Facts on the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

Infograph:  Keystone Pipeline - Built to Spill

Recent Reuters articles on this bill and other maneuvers to push through

Oil Change International:  Dirty Energy Money Campaign

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