[act-ma] Wed 2/15 - Money, Debt and the Federal Reserve Bank with Prof. Arjun Jayadev on FSU-RADIO/OBR

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Have you been having trouble accessing FSU-RADIO?  See the end of this
message for an explanation and apology.


Free School University Radio (FSU-RADIO) - Broadcasting Wednesday 7-8 pm


Wed 2/15 7:00 pm on OB RADIO

Money, Debt & the Federal Reserve Bank: What's a progressive economic

with Arjun Jayadev


Dr. Arjun Jayadev is a young Assistent Professor of Economics at U. Mass -
Boston with a strong commitment to progressive policies to make the economy
work for the 99%.  He will be explaining what money "really" is, and
discussing matters such as how banks "create" money, why we don't want to be
on a "gold standard", the role of the Federal Reserve Bank, the differences
from a policy standpoint between household and national debt... and what
genuinely progressive policies on money, debt and banking would look like.




Occupy Boston Radio is currently available by internet only.  You can reach
us at  <http://www.occupyboston.org/radio/>
http://www.occupyboston.org/radio/ or http://obr.fm <http://obr.fm/> , or by
going to http://occupyboston.org <http://occupyboston.org/>  and choosing
"Radio" from the upper right of the red menu bar at the top of the page.
Once on the page, click the "play" arrow on the radio player control app to
begin listening.   Listener participation is possible via call-in or IRC
chat - see phone number and link on the radio page.


FSU-RADIO is an educational series by Occupy Boston's Free School
University. Our goal is to form an autonomous zone and share skills needed
to maintain that, to entertain educate and enliven Occupiers and the general
public. Our purpose is to provide support and space for skill sharing and
sharing basic info regarding Occupy Boston and to encourage
self-organization, teaching, and learning opportunities.


Our Wednesday program consists of TALK radio featuring educational content
such as lectures, panel discussions and interviews.


Host: David Knuttunen (guest hosts from time to time)

Time: WED 7-8pm


To propose a guest for the program, email fsu at occupyboston.org, or call
David Knuttunen 617-558-5853.


An apology...


We at Free School University and Occupy Boston Radio want to extend
apologies to frustrated listeners for the problems we've had with the radio
broadcast the past two weeks.  On 2/1 we broadcast a wonderful interview
with social psychologist and anarchist Dennis Fox, but there were problems
with sound levels, and transmission problems, which turned out to be due to
an unexpected bandwidth problem with our internet service provider.  Then,
on 2/2, OBR's two primary tech experts were BOTH home sick.  FSU's producer,
Kathryn ran into some problems getting the broadcast connection up and
running.  She struggled with them heroically, and finally got us on the air
- then we discovered that our guest, Grace Ross, had been trying to contact
us to say that she was sick, and couldn't come in.  We could have
rebroadcast Dennis's interview, at that point, but without the tech people,
we couldn't figure out how to do it, so we sadly cancelled the show for that


Our first two shows went off without hitches, and we're hoping our run of
bad luck is over.  We're also taking steps to be better prepared for these
types of unforeseen events.  In the meantime, we ask your forbearance.  This
is an Occupation, and we are volunteers learning as we go along.  We think
we have some great programming lined up, and we are determined to get it out
to you.  Grace Ross has rescheduled (for 2/22), and we will rebroadcast
Dennis Fox's interview at some point, so that those who missed part of it
will get another chance.  We also have new shows coming up on Women and
Poverty with Randy Albelda of U. Mass Boston (3/7 - the day before
International Women's Day), and on Marxism with Prof. Gordon Fellman of
Brandeis Universith (3/14).  We hope you'll be with us!


We are also working to get archives of all shows available on line.  We'll
let you know as soon as that is set up.

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