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UJP: Drones: the New Frontier of Warfare and Spying


Bruce Gagnon – Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space


Nancy Murray – American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts


Matthew Hoey – Military Space Transparency Project


How should we Respond?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012, 7:00 pm

Cambridge Friends Meeting Center

5 Longfellow Park, off Brattle St. • Harvard Sq T • Cambridge

U.S. use of drones for warfare and spying has become routine. The use of drones
has increased dramatically under the Obama administration. Pentagon funding for
drones is scheduled to increase by up to 60 percent while other programs are
being cut.  Drones have been used for targeted killings in Pakistan, Afghanistan
and Yemen. One in three U.S. warplanes are now drone piloted. Drones have also
been used for surveillance in the U.S.

Kept under a cloak of secrecy, this new tool for international warfare and
domestic surveillance, has far-reaching legal, financial and social
ramifications. Learn more about this new instrument of war and plan together
about how we can respond.

  * Why are drones the US military's weapon of choice for the future?

      * Are drones invulnerable to budget cuts?

      * Can drone warfare be conducted without the consent of Congress?

      * How can drones be used to spy on all Americans?

      * Is drone warfare legal?


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