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March 2012


If you listen, you can hear the drums of war beating in the background.  How far
 away are they?  Is another war inevitable?  Or are there less drastic options for
U.S. action? Iran, under threat of US and EU sanctions and Israeli attack, is the
target in the foreground. China, with the diversion of American military resources
to the Pacific, is in the background.
Join two experts at Cambridge Forum this month to find out exactly what is happening
in these two potential "hot spots."   Is the media telling us everything we need
 to know?  How might we, as citizens, respond to the call for military responses
 to Iran's nuclear threat and China's rising economic and military power?
Pat  Suhrcke, Director

Cambridge Forum

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Obama and Iran: A Single Roll of the Dice

March 14 @ 7pm

Trita Parsi,   president of the National Iranian American Council,  assesses the
   high-stakes diplomatic sparring between Washington and Tehran during  President
Obama's first three years in office.  How has the Obama administration's approach
to Iran differed from that of the Bush White House?  What results has it produced?
 Can it succeed in de-escalating threats in the region?

Co-sponsored by Don and Jeannette McInnes

Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China


March 21 @ 7pm

Harvard  China scholar Ezra F. Vogel discusses his highly acclaimed biography of
 transformational Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping.  How did Deng succeed  in finding
a path to make China a wealthy and powerful member of the international community?
 What personal and cultural factors contributed to his success?  What obstacles 
did he face?  Since Deng himself was extremely reticent, how did Vogel go about 
researching and writing this masterful study of Deng's life and legacy?

Co-sponsored by an Anonymous Friend of Cambridge Forum.

Mark Your Calendar . . .
The Rise of China and American Power

April 11 @ 7pm

Joseph Nye of the Harvard Kennedy School examines the future of American relations
with China.   What does the Obama administration's new emphasis on the Pacific mean
for the future of American relations with China?

Co-sponsored by an Anonymous Friend of Cambridge Forum.

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Did you miss the February mini-conference on Global Engagement? Listen to the experts
now and get a preview of the issues coming out of Iran and China

Joel Beinin: [http://forum-network.org/lecture/where-does-democracy-come-popular-uprising-and-parliamentary-elections-egypt]
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Mark N. Katz: [http://forum-network.org/lecture/war-terror-and-wars-iraq-and-afghanistan]
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Diana Buttu: Israel and the Palestinians [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1109464026187&s=217&e=0017BTxrM6mWgv9Dr1NcbTtgfzlNaZeiSTgLdqu1yemKSr7-mz7MzDBXDXtLOpO6wsoaWjkLTK52ym-mFIXy0BWNCDqVd9sY0sJxPtBNSnKl2IBjhN10z4JXkxY9K2scvV6DcDoEAoEYZUugRY4OjYOz8FSc3cJ_pJNXQj7U7Hxu6WFpc0FH0IyuR1s78eYjoy-eYrYo3agAWYR97_C2zHkF5SubYUg3md2]
Richard Parker: The Greek Debt Crisis [http://forum-network.org/lecture/european-debt-crisis-lessons-greece]
Stephen Van Evera: [http://forum-network.org/lecture/farwell-geopolitics-american-grand-strategy-new-era]
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