[act-ma] Thurs 3/15 Presentation of Carbon Fee and Dividend at Occupy Boston's General Assembly

David O. Knuttunen webmaster at dsaboston.org
Tue Mar 13 05:06:09 PDT 2012

At Occupy Boston's General Assembly on Thursday March 15th, Gary Rucinski of
Citizens Climate Lobby will present the principle of Carbon Fee & Dividend,
and describe Pete Stark's "Save Our Climate Act".  Thursday's GA will be
held at 7:00 at Emanuel Church, 15 Newbury Street  (close to the Arlington T
stop).  The opportunity to present was organized by Occupy Boston's Climate
Action, Sustainability, and Environmental Justice Working Group and Free
School University.  It will consist of about 15 minutes of presentation and
15 minutes of discussion.  

A longer presentation, under the aegis of Free School University,  is
currently in the works. There are also plans to organize a broader
discussion comparing different strategies for reducing carbon emissions.
These are being planned in response to statements passed by Occupy Boston's
General Assembly acknowledging the increasingly destructive impact of
accumulating atmospheric carbon emissions, and the urgent need to reduce
emissions as quickly as possible. 

For further information on fee and dividend, please see the following links,
put together by Gary Rucinski: 

nd.pdf> The Case for Carbon Fee and Dividend  provides an overview of the
economic rationale for why we need to put a tax on the carbon in fossil
fuels in order to avoid the worst effects of climate change. It presents a
specific policy proposal called Carbon Fee and Dividend which would achieve
gradually increasing costs for fossil fuels while shielding low income
households from rising energy costs. It explains how implementation of this
policy would stimulate economic growth to help undo the effects of the Great

CCL Boston Resource Library provides a collection of useful links to
articles that help explain different dimensions of the problem of climate
change focused primarily on economic and policy issues rather than the

Relevant proposals passed by the Occupy Boston's General Assembly: 
CASEJ wiki:   http://wiki.occupyboston.org/wiki/CASEJ 

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