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Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Sun Apr 1 05:00:26 PDT 2012

Passing this along on request...

Leaving La Floresta is a feat?ure length documentary film that follows 
the story of Abelardo Joya, a Colombian Campesino (farmer), and his 
family. Internally displaced by the "war on drugs" and the fight against 
Coca (the plant used to make Cocaine), Abelardo, his wife, and five kids 
are forced to leave their Cacao farm (the plant used to make raw 
chocolate) and struggle to find a new way of life as a displaced family.


Colombia, South America now has the highest rate of internally displaced 
people in the world, thanks in part to the drug trade and the "war on 
drugs". The internally displaced in Colombia now number more than 5 
million. This feature length documentary will give those displaced a voice.

   Over the past year, Whisper Productions has partnered with the 
non-profit organization Give Us Names, to capture the story of Abelardo 
and his family. The Joya's were displaced due to the United States' "war 
on drugs" policy called Plan Colombia. On his farm he grew Cacoa and 
yucca. Planes sent by the U.S., flew over his farm and dropped an 
herbicide which destroyed all of his crops. This herbicide caused his 
land to no longer be able to produce and forced him and his family to 
move to what you could barely call a home in the city.

See website for other pictures 
Abelardo, his wife and five kids now call this one room, home, in the 
city. This is their bedroom, dining room, kitchen, everything.

Our feature length documentary follows his story and tries to dive 
deeper into the causes and real solutions to the problem of displacement 
and the "war on drugs".

After 3 trips to Colombia, we finally feel we have all the footage we 
need to tell this story. We are now in the post-production stage and 
must face the enormous challenge of turning hours and hours of raw 
footage into a feature length documentary film, and getting the film and 
its message distributed throughout the world. We had recently created a 
Kickstarter page to raise funds to help support this film but were 
unsuccessful. We are still going to honor the rewards we offered to 
people who donate here through our paypal donate button.

Sunday.   April 1st   @ 3 PM

Lilly Pad
1353 Cambridge St 
Inman Square
$10 suggested donation


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