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April 2012


April is the busiest month at Cambridge Forum this year.  We invite you to continue
exploring the impact of globalization with us as Joseph Nye discusses "The Rise 
of China" and we host a mini-conference on "Economic Globalization."  Later in the
month, join us to discuss another challenge to economic justice--America's deepening
wealth inequality.
Finally, we join forces with Underground Railway Theater to present a reading from
Tony Kushner's But the Giraffe, the curtain-raiser he wrote for the revival of Brundibar.
 A panel discussion afterward looks at the triumph of human creativity under conditions
of extreme stress.
Pat  Suhrcke, Director

Cambridge Forum

Cambridge Forum is supported by:

First Parish (UU) in Cambridge;

The Lowell Institute;

the Massachusetts Cultural Council;

and the Friends of Cambridge Forum.

Harvard Book Store sponsors book signings after our forums.

Cambridge Forum

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The Rise of China and American Power

April 10 @ 7pm

Joseph Nye of the Harvard Kennedy School  brings the insights gathered from his 
recent meetings with China's  future leadership to his examination of the future
 of American relations  with China.  As China has become a more powerful player 
in the Pacific,  how has it projected its strength?   What does the Obama administration's
new emphasis on the  Pacific mean for the future of American relations with China?

Co-sponsored by an Anonymous Friend of Cambridge Forum

Challenges of Globalization: Economic Globalization: A Mini-Conference


April 16 @ 2pm  Keynote @ 7pm

During consecutive afternoon sessions, speakers explore the  impact of globalization
of labor, capital, and markets on American workers, investors, and consumers. Robert
Kuttner of The American Prospect and Demos moderates the public discussion after
 each talk and the evening keynote address.

2:00 pm       Globalization of Labor:  Is A race to the Bottom Inevitable?      
                  Robert Pollin, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

3:00 pm     Globalization of Capital:  The Rise of the Multinational

Robert Scott, Economic Policy Institute

4:00 pm      Globalization of Markets:  Do Corporations Need American


Harold Meyerson, The American Prospect

7:00 pm   The Globalization Paradox

Harvard's Dani Rodrik discusses effective responses to today's globalized economy.
 How have nations used the forces of globalization to their advantage in the past?
 What options are available to the United States today?

This Program is funded in part by Mass Humanities.
Co-sponsored by Mullane, MIchael & McInnes, Counselors-at-Law

Creativity and Stress
April 22 @ 7pm
Actors from Underground Railway Theater conduct a staged reading of a selection 
from Tony Kushner's But the  Giraffe! followed by a panel discussion of the relationship
between  stress and creativity.  How does creativity help people cope with  stress?
 How does stress stimulate or impede creativity?
This is a ticketed program:  $5 (Members) and $10 (General Admission). Call 617-495-2727
or visit www.cambridgeforum.org [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001BC5aR8IFfXN30C6rbpXRsNZbGw5ghY6WhRBHt8ufPbnMmM7vK54ZL822I-pQiOAItlwAPRwGj3Nh5Xh9Us2nB2_3aAXchjEykKwG1VJdOdmPK_fkIF669wqDIjn77M8q3aD5ipGut_o=]
to reserve your tickets.

Wealth Inequality:  The Gilded Road to Ruin?
April 25 @7pm
Chuck Collins, director of the Institute for Policy Studies Program on Inequality
and the Common Good, and journalist Linda McQuaig explore the impact of the growing
wealth gap, and suggest ways to  reverse the increase in economic inequality.  What
role does the call  for austerity play in reinforcing or overcoming economic inequality?
  Where do they see the political will to make the necessary policy  changes?  What
can a single nation do to counteract the effects of  global economic conditions?

Mark Your Calendar . . .
Washington, Longfellow, and the Jewish Community at Newport:  A Test Case for America

June 13 @ 7pm

Ted Widmer, director of the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University, speaks
about George Washington's 1790 letter to the Jewish community in Newport, Longfellow's
poem on the same theme, and the curious career of religious tolerance in American
Co-sponsored by The National Park Service, Longfellow House-Washington's Headquarters
and the Friends of the Longfellow House-Washington's Headquarters, the Massachusetts
Society of the Cincinnati, and by Ann Daily.  In honor of Frances Ackerly.

New WGBH Webcasts!

Get an expert view of two of the United States' most troublesome foreign policy 
Ezra Vogel: Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China [http://forum-network.org/lecture/deng-xiaoping-and-transformation-china]

Trita Parsi: Obama and Iran: [http://forum-network.org/lecture/obama-and-iran-single-roll-dice]
 A Single Roll of the Dice [http://forum-network.org/lecture/obama-and-iran-single-roll-dice]

Send us a question.

Can't make it to a forum, but have a burning question for the speaker?   E-mail 
it to us and the moderator will ask it on your behalf.

Joseph Nye [mailto:director at cambridgeforum.org?]
Economic Globalization Panel [mailto:director at cambridgeforum.org?]
Creativity and Stress Panel [mailto:director at cambridgeforum.org?]
Chuck Collins [mailto:director at cambridgeforum.org]
Linda McQuaig [mailto:director at cambridgeforum.org]

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