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From: Steve Meacham <smeacham at clvu.org>

Subject: Blockade list - 2 events this week to fight Bank power
To: "Steve Meacham" <smeacham at clvu.org>
Date: Wednesday, July 11, 2012, 11:02 AM

Fight Bank power – 2 events this week

*1.    **Malden** Courthouse, 8:30 am tomorrow (Thurs), 89 Summer St.,
Malden MA*

Gary Rogers has been fighting Fannie Mae.  He has been approved for a new
mortgage by Boston Community Capital, which made a cash offer to buy.  Fannie
Mae won’t accept the offer and is instead evicting.  Gary is in court on
Thursday morning.  The Northside Bank Tenant Association will be leading a
rally in support of Gary at 8:30 am in front of the courthouse.

Gary is a well known figure in Malden and has wide support.  We demand that
Fannie Mae stop the eviction and accept rent from Gary.  If Fannie wants to
seek a better offer than BCC, then do so without eviction.  If they can’t
find a better offer, take the BCC offer.

We are also defending long time member Andres Delgado that day.  US Bank is
evicting Andres and his family after foreclosure although he is able and
willing to pay rent.  We have done protests at US Bank that we called
“un-rent strikes” where we demanded that they accept rent rather than evict.

After being at the Malden Court house, many people will leave to go the
Massachusetts Statehouse at 11:30 pm.  We will use the publicity around
Gary and Andres’s cases to show why legislation protecting homeowners
against no-fault eviction is so important.  You can also meet us in front
of the Statehouse at 11:30 am.

*2.    **Video back up to new Antonio Ennis CD – “[Beat Back] The Bank

*Cookout starts 2 pm.  Video shoot starts 3 pm sharp.  *

*Saturday, July 14, 197 Normandy St.* (off Washington, between Blue Hill
and Columbia)

            Many people have now heard Antonio Ennis perform his movement
piece “[Beat Back] The Bank Attack”.  He has performed in rallies, downtown
Boston, at events, and on busses to protests.  That one piece is part of a
CD of songs now completed.  Antonio is now doing the video back up to that

            Part of the video back up will be over a hundred members of the
movement gathering at the home of Drusilla Francis and Sandra Douglas.  We
did a successful eviction blockade there for Drusilla, and later Drusilla
and Sandra repurchased the home together.

            In City Life tradition, Antonio wants this video to feature not
only City Life, but the much broader movement.  We are inviting other
organizations to send delegates with their T shirts and banners to be
filmed in this video.  We expect the CD to be picked up around the country.

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