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The Militant Labor
Forum Presents:
“Three Strikes” Law – 
An Attack on Workers’ Rights
 Ley “Tres Delitos y Fuera” – Un Ataque 
Contra los Derechos de los Trabajadores
   In July the Massachusetts
legislature passed the “Three Strikes” bill, which will eliminate parole
eligibility for those with three convictions of certain felonies.
·        “Three Strikes” is an
attack on the rights of working people, and will fall heaviest on those who are
Black or Latino. While Blacks and Latinos make up less than 17% of the state’s
population, they are 55% of the state’s prisoners. 
·        The bill attacks the
constitutional right to trial by jury. Prosecutors will use it to force
defendants to take plea bargains.  Currently 97% of federal and 94% of state “convictions” are the result
of plea bargains.
·        The growth of
incarcerations, with vastly disproportionate numbers from the Black
nationality, is part of the propertied rulers’ stepped-up assaults on our
wages, working conditions, safety and rights.
Join a discussion on the resistance to the “Three
Strikes” law and other attacks on working people.
Friday, August 3, 7:30 pm
Viernes, 3 de Agosto,7:30 pm
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del Foro Militante
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