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      Martin Luther King, Pete Seeger, Charis Horton, Rosa Parks, and Ralph
Abernathy at Highlander. (photo source:

Sunday, September 9, 2012
4:30pm @ First Church JP
6 Eliot St - by the Monument
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*Community Conversations on the Great Issues that Shape Our Neighborhood
and Our Planet*

*Celebrating 80 Years of Civil Rights with the Highlander Center
Sunday September 9, 2012, 4:30 PM*
First Church Jamaica Plain, 6 Eliot St, JP
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The Highlander Center was training ground for many of the social change
movements of the 20th century, including for *Rosa Parks* and *Martin
Luther King, Jr*. Come join us in celebrating 80 years of progressive
organizing with Civil Rights leader *Hollis Watkins* and Highlander Center
Director* Pam McMichael*!

*The Highlander Research and Education Center*
is celebrating its *80th Anniversary *this year as a world renowned beacon
of progressive organizing. Known for bringing people together to learn from
each other, Highlander is widely acclaimed as a leadership development
center for grassroots activists across race and generations, and as a
critical resource for the social and economic justice community.

Since its founding in 1932, Highlander has been on the cutting edge of
social and economic justice organizing in the South. In the early years,
Highlander served as a training center for working people organizing labor
unions, and in the 1950s and 60s, Highlander played a vital role in the
Civil Rights Movement. In the 70s, ’80s, and ’90s, Highlander was key in
fostering organizing in Appalachia on worker health & safety and
environmental issues. Today, Highlander continues the work, supporting
organizing and leadership development among immigrants and young people,
encouraging the use of culture to enhance social justice efforts, and
helping people and organizations in diverse constituencies develop new
strategies and alliances.

*Hollis Watkins is the co-founder and president of Southern Echo* and has
more than 50 years of human/civil rights work experience. He is the
youngest of 12 children born of sharecroppers from rural Mississippi and
was the first Mississippi student involved in 1961 in the Mississippi
Voting Rights Project of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
(SNCC). He in on the board of the Southern Sustainable Agricultural Working
Group and is a founder and member of the Civil Rights Veterans of
Mississippi. Mr. Watkins is board member emeritus of Highlander where his
relationship with the institution began in the early 60s. (photo source:

*Pam McMichael is Director of the Highlander Center*, first becoming
associated with Highlander as a long-time activist and organizer in
Louisville, Kentucky. For decades now, Pam’s organizing and cultural work
have connected people and issues across divides of race, class, gender and
sexuality with focus on helping build a strong racially just movement. She
has co-founded local, state and regional organizations with this core
strategy, and was a national fellow with a Rockefeller Foundation
leadership project to address the growing crisis in U.S. democracy.


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