[act-ma] Sept 30, DC: Truth on trial: a special event in Washington, DC for Bradley Manning. Military on trial for secrecy. Action reports.

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Whistle-blower events for Bradley Manning.

Truth on trial: Conference on behalf of Bradley Manning. Military sued 
for wrongful secrecy. Action reports.

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Bradley Manning Support Network 

    Truth on Trial: A special event for Bradley Manning in Washington D.C.

/On September 30, some of the most prominent whistle-blowers and civil 
liberties advocates of our time will gather to speak out for a fellow 
truth-teller that the military is trying to cage for life. /

*<http://t.ymlp318.net/jwmeazabjqeadauyagauhjbe/click.php>* *Georgetown 
University Law Center, Downtown Washington DC*
600 New Jersey Ave NW, Washington DC (near Union Station)

*CHRIS HEDGES* - Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, and war correspondent
*THOMAS DRAKE* - Former National Security Agency senior executive, 
*JESSELYN RADACK* - Former Department of Justice ethics adviser, 
*US ARMY COL. ANN WRIGHT (ret.)* - Former State Department diplomat, 
*DAVID HOUSE* - Friend of Bradley Manning's, co-founder of BMSN, Activist

$10 suggested donation at the door for event expenses. Wheelchair 

/Presented by the Bradley Manning Support Network and the Georgetown 
Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild/

Author and reporter Chris Hedges, who’s suing the Obama Administration 
for the unconstitutional NDAA, will discuss how Manning’s case will 
affect our civil liberties to come. NSA whistle-blower Thomas Drake will 
recount his experience being prosecuted for exposing illegal 
wiretapping, and he’ll compare Manning’s case with his own. Jesselyn 
Radack, Department of Justice whistle-blower and advocate and lawyer for 
those who expose crime and corruption, will expound on just how vital 
whistle-blowers are and why we need to protect Bradley Manning. Retired 
Colonel Ann Wright will recount her efforts bringing awareness to 
Manning’s case and explain what needs to be done in the months to come. 
Finally, friend of Manning and co-founder of the Support Network David 
House will detail the financial struggles of the Network and the 
importance of standing up for Bradley now.

Read more... <http://t.ymlp318.net/jwmeazabjqeadauyagauhjbe/click.php>


*Donate now to the Bradley Manning defense fund.* 

For more information about the defense fund click here. 


    Military on trial for wrongful secrecy

/On October 10th, we encourage Washington, D.C. residents to attend the 
Center for Constitutional Right’s lawsuit against the military for undue 
secrecy in the Bradley Manning trial. /


A confused press pool at the Bradley Manning trial. Court room sketch by 
Clark Stoeckley.

The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) is bringing a lawsuit calling 
for Army Colonel Judge Denise Lind to grant the press and public access 
to court filings, such as defense and government motions, court orders 
and judge’s decisions or rulings.

The CCR’s argument will be heard October 10 at 10:15 am at the military 
appeals court located in Washington, DC.  In a statement, the CCR has 
put forth the argument that the “default presumption against 
transparency serves no one’s interests – least of all the interests of 
the government, which will see the legitimacy of any conviction 
questioned if the current status quo prevails.”

CCR has sent representatives to Bradley’s hearings a number of times. 
  We encourage all those who support Bradley Manning, and freedom of 
information, to also attend the court proceedings for CCR’s litigation 
on October 10th, wearing “Truth” t-shirts or “Free Bradley Manning” 
messages if possible.

Read more... <http://t.ymlp318.net/jwmbarabjqeaoauyavauhjbe/click.php>


    More reports from the September 6 actions for Bradley

/Outraged over recent revelations that a three star general was 
responsible for the unlawful pretrial punishment of Bradley Manning, 
activists took action nationally, organizing a number of demonstrations 
in front of Obama campaign offices around the country. Protesters 
demanded that Obama uphold his promise to protect whistle-blowers, and 
that he make right on his unlawful influence on the Bradley Manning trial./

Tallahase <http://t.ymlp318.net/jwmhapabjqeaxauyanauhjbe/click.php> 
Toledo <http://t.ymlp318.net/jwmhapabjqeaxauyanauhjbe/click.php> 	Los 
Angeles <http://t.ymlp318.net/jwmwadabjqearauyalauhjbe/click.php>

Read the press release 
<http://t.ymlp318.net/jwmwadabjqearauyalauhjbe/click.php> and more 
action reports. <http://t.ymlp318.net/jwmhapabjqeaxauyanauhjbe/click.php>

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