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Check out this one-man documentary play about Occupy Boston.  It completed
a run at the BCA's Black Box Theater and opens at Central Square Theater on
Sunday.   $5 OCCUPY discount available, see below.

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Subject: Event: "No Room for Wishing," a documentary play about Occupy
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Hi there,

My name is Danny Bryck and I'm a theatre artist in Boston. I'm currently
performing and co-producing a one-man documentary play I created about
Occupy Boston called "No Room for Wishing" that I'd love to share on your
site. The play is made up entirely of exact words of people involved with
Occupy Boston from interviews and recordings during the occupation of Dewey
Square last fall. Told from the perspective of 30+ people, it chronicles
the story of what happened at Dewey Square and explores the state of our
city, our country and our political culture, as well as the intricacies and
challenges of protest and consensus.

Here's the basic info:

What: "No Room for Wishing," a documentary play about Occupy Boston

Where: Central Square Theater, 450 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

When: 9/30-10/9

Town: Cambridge

(Image attached)

Here's the posting:

*"No Room for Wishing," a documentary play about Occupy Boston plays in
Cambridge 9/30-10/9*

Boston theatre artist Danny Bryck performs his one-man documentary play "No
Room for Wishing," chronicling the story of the occupation of Dewey Square,
using the exact words of the people involved. Co-produced by Company One
and Central Square Theater, and playing at Central Square Theater 9/30-10/9.

Compiled from interviews and live recordings during the occupation of Dewey
Square in Fall 2011, "No Room for Wishing" follows Occupy Boston from its
formation, through clashes with the police, infighting among the activists,
legal battles and collective victories, to its eviction by the City of
Boston. One of Boston’s most dynamic young theater makers portrays dozens
of real-life characters in this fiercely immediate, up-close-and-personal
encounter with our city, our nation, and ourselves. Through the words of
students, activists, bankers, medics, soldiers, lawyers and the homeless,
"No Room for Wishing" provides a candid and multifaceted portrait, asking,
"What happens when you try to reinvent society?"

After a run at the Boston Center for the Arts, "No Room for Wishing"
performs 9/30, 10/2-3, and 10/7-9 at Central Square Theater, 450
Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge. Written and performed by Danny Bryck,
directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian. Read this preview in the Boston Globe:
http://articles.boston.com/2012-09-13/theater-art/33784488_1_trash-bag-d and
go to http://centralsquaretheater.org/season/12-13/no-room-for-wishing.html for
more information, the full schedule, and to purchase tickets! Or check out
http://dannybryck.com/noroomforwishing. Use the code OCCUPY for a $5
discount on tickets. Don't miss the performance Edge Boston calls, "a
marvel to behold." A post-show discussion follows every show.

Thanks very much! All my best,


Danny Bryck
dpbryck at gmail.com
(413) 575-9150


A One Man Documentary Play about Occupy Boston

Written and Performed by Danny Bryck
Directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian

*September 13-22, 2012
at the Boston Center for the Arts Black Box Theatre*
*September 30 - October 9, 2012*
*at Central Square Theater's Studio Theater
Supported in part by a Boston Playwrights' Theatre Black Box Fellowship

Cole Harrison
Communications Director
Massachusetts Peace Action
11 Garden St., Cambridge, MA 02138
617-354-2169 w
617-466-9274 m
Facebook: facebook.com/masspeaceaction
Twitter: masspeaceaction
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