[act-ma] Tomorrow: Court Solidarity and possible Eviction in Revere!

Aria Littlhous aria at littlhous.net
Wed Oct 3 14:17:15 PDT 2012

*Stop the Eviction! Stand up to Fannie Mae!*

*Pack the Courtroom!*

Thursday, October 4th


Chelsea District Court

120 Broadway, Chelsea, MA

If necessary, be prepared to *protest the eviction*:


114 Geneva Street, Revere, MA

Info: (857)203-2393

On October 2nd, a Constable showed up at the home of Enver Cehic, a
bricklayer from Revere, Massachusetts. The Constable brought a 48-Hour
Eviction Notice, with a scheduled eviction on Thursday at 9:00AM. This
notice was a shocking surprise to Mr. Cehic's mother; they had NEVER
RECEIVED NOTICE of a court date. North Side Bank Tenants Association
leaders went into Chelsea District Court this morning to help Enver file a
Motion to Stay of Levy Execution. The motion will be heard Thursday morning
at 9:00AM. Greater Boston Legal Services is prepared with a righteous
argument, but we need to go beyond that to show the bank and the Court that
THIS EVICTION IS JUST PLAIN WRONG! We will not let it go on without a
fight! Enver is in the process of buying his home back through a non-profit
lender. He is currently gainfully employed, and can afford the house at its
real value.

Mr. Cehic and his family came to the United States as a refugee from the
Balkan War. In 2003, he bought a home in Revere for himself, his brother
and elderly parents. They had finally found some stability after many years
of turmoil. Due to the recession, the construction industry slowed down and
Enver found himself unemployed with a mortgage hanging over his head. He
went to a law firm that claimed to help homeowners in foreclosure. $5,000
later, Mr. Cehic got nothing from these scammers, and was facing
foreclosure. Despite intervention by community leaders, Bank of America,
who acquired the loan from Countrywide (now notorious for their predatory
lending practices), refused to modify his loan or otherwise put off the

In August, 2012, Fannie Mae, who was the investor in the loan, began
eviction proceedings against Enver Cehic and his family. Fannie Mae and
Freddie Mac own the majority of mortgages in the United States.They are
owned by taxpayers, but serve the big banks. People have lost their homes
and are out on the street while the banks profit from foreclosures and
evictions. Fannie Mae refused to allow loan modifications with Principal
Reduction, even though Bank of America, who services Enver's loan, has
announced a Principal Reduction program. Their own researchers have
concluded that Principal Reduction is a viable solution to the foreclosure
crisis, but they insist on playing politics. This greedy bank has opted to
side with their banker friends and punish homeowners for a crisis that
started on Wall Street.

We are demanding that Fannie Mae do the following:

1) Halt eviction proceedings against the Cehic family immediately.

2) Reset their mortgage at its current value, or sell to a non-profit.

3) Accept rent from the Cehic family while they prepare to repurchase.

Dominic DeSiata, Organizer / Organizador
City Life/Vida Urbana
Office / Oficina:

North Side Bank Tenants Association
Twitter: @NorthSide_BTA

"Our goal is a society that prioritizes the needs of all before the profits
of the few." passed by Occupy Boston General Assembly 11/29/11
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