[act-ma] Saturday, Oct 6: Major GMO conference live streamed

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*NOTE: noon - 4pm, EST *

I strongly encourage you all to spend this Saturday with me, in person 
in LA or online via live  stream 
for the most important GMO conference of the year (and one of the best 
ever). When I was part of a similar Seeds of Doubt Conference in 
Colorado in June, it was definitely a high point in my 16 years of 
campaigning on GMOs. The audience was blown away.

If you live near Los Angeles, or can fly in for the day, you will be 
happy you did.

This event on October 6, from 9 am -1 pm Pacific time (LAX Hilton) will 
feature Dr. G.E. Seralini, lead author of the famous French rat study 
that was just released. See the amazing video here! 
Up to 80% of the female rats got massive tumors of the mammary glands, 
the death rate was 200-300% compared to the controls, and there was 
extensive damage to organs.

Dr. Michael Antoniou will be there from London. He co-authored the 
amazing compilation of research /GMO Myths and Truths/, as well as 
numerous other publications. He’s a world class genetic engineer working 
on human gene therapy techniques, but has spoken out against the use of 
this technology for use in food. He’s brilliant.

Dr. Don Huber will speak on the devastating impacts of Roundup, 
including the new mysterious pathogen that appears to be contributing to 
an epidemic of infertility and miscarriages among US livestock. Hearing 
Don’s full presentation is enlightening.

I’ll also be on hand to discuss other aspects of GMOs, including the 
outrageous practices used by Monsanto and others to distort and deny the 
now overwhelming evidence.

For registration information, go to 


Jeffrey Smith



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