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*Have you moved since you last voted? **The deadline to register to
October 17
*to vote in the general election on November 6.* *RSVP
yes<http://www.sojust.org/events/86624712/>if you're registered and
planning to vote!
The following was written by SoJust's amazing Organizer Intern...
Fellow progressives,

Election season is in full swing. I’m sure by now you’re sick of
sensationalized political ads. Your neighborhood is probably plastered with
signs about candidate X or Y being the right choice.Your in-box is probably
swamped with emails asking you to donate money to various campaigns and
causes.Thankfully this is not one of those emails.

Our co-founder Robbie Samuels has a favorite quote he likes to apply to
social justice: Give away time, and you have less time. Give away money,
and you have less money. Give away knowledge, and the possibilities are

In keeping with the SoJust “philosophy of abundance,” we would like to give
away some knowledge about how you can make a difference in this
election: SoJust
Vote! <http://www.sojustvote.com>

SoJust Vote! <http://www.sojustvote.com> is a guide for progressive voters.
Instead of doing our own endorsements, we cross-post endorsements from
progressive organizations such as the Boston Teachers Union, The MA Sierra
Club, and MassEquality. A candidate who receives the majority of
endorsements is then “meta-endorsed” by SoJust. This way, instead of adding
another voice to this already noisy election season, we are amplifying
progressive voices in our community.

We won’t tell you who to vote for-- but we can tell you who progressive
organizations have determined to be a good choice based on a variety of
issues from marriage equality to reproductive choice to the environment to
racial justice. More organizations and endorsements will be added as the
election draws closer, but feel free to take a look at
SoJustVote.com<http://www.sojustvote.com>and see who has already been

Many political candidates are framing this election as a turning point in
the history of this country, and we can’t help but agree. Your voice (and
your vote) matter, and we want to help you make the most of it. Don’t just
vote, SoJust Vote! <http://www.sojustvote.com>

For Justice,
Jessica Critcher
Organizing Intern
Socializing for Justice

www.SoJustVote.com <http://www.sojustvote.com>
@SoJustVote <http://www.twitter.com/sojustvote>
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