[act-ma] “It’s What Workers and Farmers Do, Not Elections, That Matters” - Hear James Harris, Socialist Workers Party Candidate for U.S. President, Saturday, October 27

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“It’s What Workers and
Farmers Do,
Not Elections, That Matters”
Hear James Harris, Socialist Workers
Party Candidate for U.S. President
“What I am doing in this campaign is talking to fighters who are
resisting the effects of the economic crisis. This is where political change
will come from—we explain that working people need to take political power.”
James Harris, SWP candidate for president.
The rulers don’t see
the unemployment crisis as their crisis—for them it’s a profit crisis. The
candidates of the major capitalist parties, Democratic President Barak Obama
and Republican Mitt Romney, have not put forward any jobs program for working
The Socialist Workers
Party candidates – James Harris for president and Maura DeLuca for vice
president – talk to working people about the need to fight for a massive jobs
program, funded by the government, that could put millions back to work at
union scale wages, to build the homes, schools, hospitals and roads that
workers need.
Hear James Harris and
join the discussion on –
·        The continued
attacks by the bosses on wages, working conditions, immigrant workers, and the
resistance by our class. 
·        The civil war
in Syria, the imperialist campaign against Iran, US intervention in the Middle
East and its military moves in the Pacific.
·        The fight to
defend abortion rights and advance women’s rights, both here and around the
October 27 
Dinner 6:00 pm  --Program 7:30 pm 
Militant Labor
Forum Hall 
13 Bennington
St., 2nd floor, East Boston 
donation: Dinner $7, Program $5 -Traducción al
617-569-9169 -swpboston at verizon.net                         Visit themilitant.com and pathfinderpress.com for news,
analysis, and books


lo que Trabajadores y Agricultores Hacen,
No las Elecciones, Que Importa” 

una presentación por James Harris, 
Candidato del Partido Socialista de los Trabajadores  para presidente de los Estados Unidos

“Los jefes no ven la crisis del desempleo como su crisis
— para ellos es una crisis de ganancias. Por eso tenemos que luchar por un
programa de empleos masivo, financiado por el gobierno, que podría devolver
millones de personas a trabajar con salarios de escala de unión, para construir
las viviendas, escuelas, hospitales y carreteras que los trabajadores
necesitan." James Harris,
candidato presidencial del Partido Socialista de los Trabajadores 
27 de Octubre
Cena 6:00 pm Programa 7:30 pm
Local de “Militant Labor Forum”
13 Bennington St., 2do piso, East

sugerida: Cena  $7, Programa $5 Traducción
al español
617-569-9169 swpboston at verizon.net

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