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Wednesday, November 7, 2012, 7:00 p.m.
9 Hamilton Place, Boston
(1 block from Park St. 'T')
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*"Prospects for Socialism in Europe and the U.S.": Alan Woods speaks in

The crisis of capitalism, and the austerity associated with it, has
unleashed massive movements in Greece, Spain, and elsewhere. The rich think
that the working class should be made to pay for their crisis, millions are
responding with a resounding "no!" The capitalist system itself is being
questioned by millions. Is the United States next to face a similiar

Join us with Alan Woods—political editor of the influential website, In
Defence of Marxism (www.marxist.com), and a leading member of the
International Marxist Tendency—in discussing what the future holds for
Europe and the United States.

Alan’s articles are widely published worldwide and he has been interviewed
on radio, television, and in magazines and newspapers from Venezuela to
Italy, Pakistan to Brazil, on topics ranging from philosophy and modern
science, art and the class struggle, the Arab, European, and Latin American
Revolutions, the history of the USSR and the Bolshevik Party, Marxist
economics and the capitalist crisis, books he has authored, and more.

Alan is the author of several books including:

*• Reason in Revolt: Marxist Philosophy and Modern Science*

*• Bolshevism: The road to revolution*

*• Ireland: Republicanism and Revolution*

*• Lenin and Trotsky: What they Really Stood for*

*• Marxism and the USA*

*• The Venezuelan Revolution*

*• Reformism or Revolution*

*Presented by the Workers International League*

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