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                     (please forward to friends and family)                                  Write-In
James M. Williamson for Sheriff of Middlesex County
                   1000 Jackson Place, Cambridge, MA 02140                     (40-year resident of Cambridge...)
       Write me in for Sheriff!   --  Or you're under arrest!   
  (Who else is there to vote for in this election?? Areyou tired, as I am, of candidates running unopposedfor important offices??)   The Sheriff is the only elected law enforcement officerposition in the Commonwealth. We'll be stuck withwhoever wins for the next six years! Shouldn't it besomeone you can count on to bring a keen sense ofJUSTICE to our debased "criminal justice" system??
  My program for Sheriff of Middlesex County is as follows:

  1) I will close the Middlesex County Courthouse Jail. Prisoners
are incarcerated in the top floors of a building, the rest of which
has been completely closed for years due to asbestos pollution!Most of those incarcerated are only awaiting trial because theyare unable to make bail. 
  This is obviously a matter of simple and elementary human justiceand human rights.  Where are the lawyers?? The judges?? The Sheriff??
  2) Each year, the Sheriff of Middlesex County leads the AcademicProcession for the Morning Exercises at Harvard Commencement.The Sheriff gavels the assembly to order (using a ceremonial staff).  This tradition goes back over two centuries. 
  Does Harvard deserve to be allowed to celebrate this otherwise
joyful occasion given the recent record of the Harvard Corporation?
  Will we have a Sheriff who will hold the Corporation accountable for 
their enormous gains since the initial economic meltdown -- which Harvard
officials helped engineer -- while the rest of Americans continue to suffer?? 
   Will we have a Sheriff who will use his imagination on this occasion
to bend Harvard's attention to their obligations -- as a supposedly "charitableinstitution" -- to our great public need, and to the community at-large??  
  3) I will work to redirect law enforcement away from the failed anddisastrous "war on drugs," and shift attention from "crime-in-the-streets"to crime in the suites!
  It's about time.   4) When I'm Sheriff, I will ensure humane and fair treatment of allstaff of the Office of the County Sheriff and for all those being imprisonedor adjudicated.    5) I will work to establish a truly frugal administration and spend thehard-earned tax dollars of the neglected, forgotten and ignored "bono publico"wisely and prudently, to help support and establsh justice in MiddlesexCounty and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, so help me God/-dess!
                 "There's a New Sheriff in Town!" 
                                                                           James M. Williamson                                                                           1000 Jackson Place, Cambridge, MA 02140
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