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Cambridge Forum

November, 2012

The election is over, after a long and expensive campaign.  The president and Congress
don't have much time to catch their collective breath.  However, the issues they
 will have to confront haven't vanished while Washington's attention was focused
 on the campaign.
This month Cambridge Forum looks at two international challenges that the new government
will have to monitor in the year ahead: the Middle East and the new nuclear threat.
 Please join us to examine the changing parameters of these perennial minefields.
Pat Suhrcke

Censoring Children
MIT's Noam Chomsky and Barbara Lubin of the Middle East Children's Alliance discuss
A Child's View of Gaza,   the book of Palestinian children's artwork slated for 
exhibition at  the  Oakland Museum of Children's Art.  The exhibition was canceled
at  the  last minute without explanation.  Have children become pawns in a  larger
 conflict?  How has this come about?  What does it say about the   possibilities
 for peaceful resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian   impasse? Harvard's Sara Roy
Co-sponsored  by Jewish Voice for Peace, Boston; American  Jews for a Just Peace;
and the Middle East Education Group of First  Parish in Cambridge.
Wednesday, November 7 @ 7pm

The Second Nuclear Age
Dr. Paul Bracken, Yale University national security strategist, discusses his latest
book, The Second Nuclear Age: Strategy, Danger, and the New Power Politics, with
 James Walsh of the MIT Security Studies Program.   Since the end of the Cold War,
 events   have revealed a host of new nuclear threats:  unsecured and aging Cold
  War arsenals; expansion of the so-called "nuclear club";  rogue states, failed
 states, and individuals with access to nuclear  materials; even natural disasters
that overwhelm a vast network of  nuclear  power plants. Have governments around
 the world developed effective strategies for coping with the new nuclear age?  
Has our government?
Co-sponsored by an anonymous Friend of Cambridge Forum.
Monday, November 12 @7pm

Mark Your Calendar . . .
The World Until Yesterday
Best-selling author Jared Diamond argues in his latest book, The World Until Yesterday,that
there are profound differences between so-called "traditional" societies and industrial
or post-industrial societies in everything from the way we count to the way we meet

Today's traditional societies represent a window onto the human world as it was 
until a mere yesterday, measured against a time scale of the 6,000,000 years of 
human evolution.  Traditional lifestyles are what shaped us and caused us to be 
what we are now; what can we learn from them as we negotiate the new challenges 
of the modern world?

Wednesday, January 16 @7pm

WGBH Forum Network Now on YouTube!
That's right!  Cambridge Forum is  on YouTube.  If you missed Dennis Thompson's 
talk about the need for compromise in governing (surely a relevant topic in these
post-election weeks), you can see him here, along with John de Graaf's radical rethinking
of the foundation of our economic policy framework.
Click here [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001XWu6P8ERsHQ6pQ6JoXuBePKoMJg1pPkwhgXNP18ttlyDKi89HvlMs6aDvsJhFtuR0aV_3yd66ltKs72HU86qLwh-lYni443_A8MR9xeiT0NdfOcYqduVf-Wx1kQW_eNQURZ6vVWoP70EjH7PznYWL9dejVJdsprt]
for Cambridge Forum on YouTube.


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