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UJP Activist: The High Price of Nuclear Weapons -- and the Myth of the  
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         CLIFF" ==============================================================

======== THE MYTH OF THE "FISCAL CLIFF" ======================================


*Monday, November 19, 2012, 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm
First Church in Cambridge - Hastings Room • 11 Garden St • Cambridge*

Pundits and policy makers are abuzz with talk about the dangers posed by  
automatic budget cuts that could kick in on January 2nd if Congress fails to  
come up with a so-called "grand bargain" on reducing the budget deficit.

In one area at least -- the possibility of real cuts in Pentagon spending --  
these fears are unfounded. We can afford to cut the Pentagon budget by far  
more than the amounts that would be required if automatic cuts kick in  
without in any way undermining U.S. security.

Join author and analyst *William Hartung *and Massachusetts Peace Action for  
a discussion of how and where to cut the Pentagon's bloated budget.

Buffet lunch will be served - $5 donation requested. Please RSVP to  
info at masspeaceaction.org [1] or 617-354-2169


*Sunday, November 18, 2012, 7:00 pm 
First Unitarian Society in Newton • 1326 Washington St • West Newton*

/*- The US has 5,000 nuclear weapons, deployed & in reserve*/

/*- $185 billion in the budget for new weapons manufacturing*/

/*- Mayors for Peace from 140 countries say NO*/

*William Hartung, *Director, Arms & Security Project, Center for  
International Policy.  

Hartung is the author of /Prophets of War: Lockheed Martin and the Making of  
the Military-Industrial Complex /(Nation Books, 2011) and the co-editor,  
with Miriam Pemberton, of /Lessons from Iraq: Avoiding the Next  
War /(Paradigm Press, 2008). His previous books include /And Weapons for  
All /(HarperCollins, 1995), a critique of U.S. arms sales policies from the  
Nixon through Clinton administrations.  

 From July 2007 through March 2011, Mr. Hartung was the director of the Arms  
and Security Initiative at the New America Foundation. Prior to that, he  
served as the director of the Arms Trade Resource Center at the World Policy  
Institute. He also worked as a speechwriter and policy analyst for New York  
State Attorney General Robert Abrams.

Bill Hartung’s articles on security issues have appeared in the /New York  
Times/, the /Washington Post/, the /Los Angeles Times/, /The Nation/, and  
the /World Policy Journal/. He has been a featured expert on national  
security issues on CBS /60 Minutes/, /NBC Nightly News/, /the Lehrer  
Newshour/, CNN, Fox News, and scores of local, regional, and international  
radio outlets. He blogs for the /Huffington Post/ and /TPM Café/.

*Third of 3 Forums on Cutting the Military Budget*

The Forums are open to the public at no charge.  Parking is available across  
the street and on side streets, except against the bank rear wall.  

Contact:  Nancy Wrenn, ncwrenn at aol.com [2]

Sponsors: Fund Our Communities Not War - a program of the First Unitarian  
Society in Newton

Cosponsors: Massachusetts Peace Action, American Friends Service Committee,  
Newton Dialogues on Peace & War, Occpy Newton, Watertown Citizens for Peace,  
Justice & the Environment, Veterans for Peace Chapter 9, Women's  
International League for Peace & Freedom - Boston Chapter

United for Justice with Peace [3] is a coalition of peace and justice  
organizations and community peace groups in the Greater Boston region. The  
UJP Coalition, formed after September 11th, seeks global peace through social  
and economic justice.

/Help us continue to do this critical work! Make a donation to UJP today.  

info at justicewithpeace.org [5]

617-383-4857 www.justicewithpeace.org [6] Upcoming Events:  Bombs versus  
Budgets: The High Price of Nuclear Weapons [7] Sun Nov 18 7:00pm First  
Unitarian Society in Newton West Newton Stop the Drones: Report Back from  
Anti-Drone Peace Delegation to Pakistan [8] Mon Nov 26 7:30pm MIT Room 32-141  
Cambridge An Injury to One is An Injury to All [9] Sat Dec 8 9:00am Central  
Connecticut State University New Britain Radical Futures: Angela Y. Davis and  
Noam Chomsky [10] Sat Dec 8 7:00pm Boston Phyllis Bennis: The Road Ahead [11]  
Wed Jan 16 7:00pm Episcopal Divinity School Cambridge
/More Peace and Justice Events [12].    How to Submit Events [13]/ 

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