[act-ma] Wed, 11/21: Special Thanksgiving Stand-Out for Bradley Manning

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Sun Nov 18 20:19:02 PST 2012

  Special Thanksgiving Bradley Stand-Out

Wednesday, November 21st, 5-6pm
Pardon Bradley Manning Square-Central Square, Cambridge, Ma, Cambridge
Corner of Prospect St and Mass Ave
Contact info at: bradleymanningsquare.org/project/contact/ 

Let's Redouble Our Efforts To Free Private Bradley Manning;
Make Every Town Square In America (And The World) A Bradley Manning 
Square -  From Boston To Berkeley to Berlin

Join Us In Central Square, Cambridge for this week's *Thanksgiving 
Stand-Out For Bradley*

The Private Bradley Manning case is headed toward a mid-winter trial now 
scheduled for February 2013. The recent news on his case has centered on 
the many (since last April) pre-trial motions hearings including defense 
motions to dismiss for lack of speedy trial (Private Manning's pre-trial 
confinement is now entering 900 plus days), dismissal as a matter of 
freedom of speech and alleged national security issues (issues for us to 
know what the hell the government is doing either in front of us, or 
behind our backs) and dismissal based on serious allegations of 
torturous behavior by the military authorities extending far up the 
chain of command while Private Manning was detained at the Quantico 
Marine brig for about a year ending in April 2011.

The latest news from the November 2012 pre-trail sessions is the offer 
by the defense to plead guilty to lesser charges (wrongful, unauthorized 
use of the Internet, etc.) in order to clear the deck and have the major 
(with a possibility of a life sentence) espionage /aiding the enemy 
issue solely before the court-martial judge (a single military judge, 
the one who has been hearing the pre-trial motions, not a lifer-stacked 

For the past several months there has been a weekly stand-out in Greater 
Boston <http://bradleymanningsquare.org> -- across from the Davis 
Square, Somerville, Redline MBTA stop (renamed Bradley Manning Square 
for the stand-out's duration), 4:00-5:00 PM on Wednesdays. This 
stand-out has, to say the least, been very sparsely attended. We need to 
build it up with more supporters. This Wednesday Novemeber 21st  at 5:00 
PM  in order to broaden our outreach we, in lieu of our regular Davis 
Square stand-out, are meeting in Central Square, Cambridge, Ma.(small 
park  at the corner of Massachusetts Avenue  and Prospect Street) for a 
special Thanksgiving stand-out for Private Manning.
President Obama Pardon Private Manning Now!

visit bradleymanning.org/ <http://www.bradleymanning.org/>

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