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Hi all,

Maybe some of you know, or have noticed, that when I send a date out, I
pretty much systematically get it wrong.  I'm taking measures to avoid
doing this anymore.

In the mean time, the Tar Sands Northeast action will most likely take
place on JANUARY 19th. (NOT 29th).

1/19/13 is the correct date (Saturday of MLK weekend.)


On Nov 30, 2012, at 10:00, Vanessa Rule <vanessa at betterfutureproject.org>

Update from David Stember, Northeast Tar Sands Coordinator for 350.org.  *Save
the date for a major 350 New England Northeast Tar Sands Action that will
most likely take place on January 19th, 2013 in Portland, Maine, where the
Enbridge/Exxon pipeline ends.*  The pipeline ends in Portland and it is
from there that Canadian Tar Sands would find their way to global markets.
Lets make sure New England prevents tar sands from ever getting to Portland.

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From: David Stember <david at 350.org>
Date: 2012/11/30
Subject: Tar sands knocking on our door
To: 350-vermont at googlegroups.com, vt-tar-sands-action at googlegroups.com

Hi all,

** **

I wanted to make sure you all heard that yesterday around 5 pm, Enbridge
filed their application for the reversal & expansion of the rest of their
Line 9 pipeline. Line 9 is the pipeline that runs between Montreal, Quebec,
and Sarnia, Ontario – the reversal of it will enable tar sands to be sent
all the way to Montreal, and then a reversal of the Portland-Montreal
pipeline (majority owned by ExxonMobil) would enable tar sands to be sent
all the way to Portland, Maine.****

** **

The cover letter is available online
and the application is available
See also the below announcement that was sent out via email; we haven’t
been able to find it posted online.****

** **

There are a number of response pieces that are happening/have already
happened, and several Canadian media stories that have come out about it,
and we'll be doing various press pieces starting today.


 **Environmental Defence issued a short statement last
and posted a blog:

The reality is that unless we stop this proposal VT is next in line for tar
sands expansion. So we will soon be announcing plans for a major January
19th action to convey a strong cross border response to this
development,and start a louder more visible phase of opposing potential
development of the Montreal / Portland line.

** **

more to come

David Stember
New England Tar Sands Coordinator
802 310 4880


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