[act-ma] 8:30am, Thurs, 12/20: The Railroading of Annie Dookhan - show support at Suffolk Superior Court House this Thursday morning at 8:30am

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Wed Dec 19 18:26:24 PST 2012

As you know, Annie Dookhan has been labeled the "rogue chemist" by the 
gov-media establishment. She, alone, personifies everything that is 
wrong with the state's war on drugs. Their racist prison industrial 
complex would be perfectly righteous and moral, if only one evil lab 
worker had not made it look so bad.

Let me state it clearly: Annie Dookhan is being railroaded, tried and 
convicted by the establishment media. Despite her husband's early 
statement to Fox 25 that she denies the allegations and is being 
scapegoated, the media repeatedly ran stories falsely claiming that she 
had "admitted to the allegations."

This false claim originated with Channel 5 reporter Kathy Curran on 
9/14/12, whose I-Team report violated the most basic tenet of 
journalism, which is to /source your information!/

Curran's failure to cite a source left viewers (including me) with the 
false impression that Annie must have made some kind of first-hand 
statement. Otherwise, Curran would have needed to say where she 
had received her information. It was only because I happen to 
know Annie's husband that I learned Curran's claim had been false. Once 
Curran's report aired, other news outlets began to parrot her story that 
"Dookhan admiitted to the allegations."

It was not until a week after Curran's report aired that her source 
became apparent, when the Boston Globe reported that a state official 
had /claimed/ that Dookhan had made admissions to /him/. Now, there is a 
very big difference between a person admitting something and those 
accusing her /claiming/ she admitted something to /them/. A /Very/ big 

In my opinion, the jury pool was tainted beyond repair when Curran 
unleashed a week-long barrage of nationwide media reports that Annie 
Dookhan had "confessed" to all of the allegations against her, with 
almost no other media calling out Channel 5 for Curran's shoddy work. As 
a result, it will be next to impossible for Annie to receive a fair trial.

Please join me in protest at the Suffolk Superior Court House this 
Thursday morning at 8:30.

The issue is not about Annie's innocence or guilt. I do not know what 
happened in that lab. The issue is the media's ability to so easily ruin 
a person's reputation and jepardize a person's freedom through yellow 
journalism. If Annie Dookhan can be tried and convicted in the public's 
mind before even being charged with a crime, then any one of us could be 

Let us use this case to stand up against the racist war on drugs and 
to reject such dangerous MSM yellow journalism. Please join me at the 
Suffolk Superior Courthouse this Thursday at 8:30 am. Let's put the real 
criminals - the media and the war on drugs - on trial!

Rich <mailto:RichAucoin at comcast.net>

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