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Cambridge Forum

January, 2013

Thanks to everyone who remembered Cambridge Forum in their year-end giving.  Your
support is the foundation of everything we do. Your donations represent much more
than paid bills and new programs-- important as those things are in the daily life
of Cambridge Forum.   Your gifts are a sign of encouragement and faith in Cambridge
Forum's mission, our belief that dialogue can change both minds and hearts, and 
that informed discussion is an essential condition for a healthy democracy.
Our winter season opens on January 16 with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jared Diamond,
and we return to the importance of music in our lives with "The Banjo Project" in
February.  Print out our winter schedule below and plan to warm up the season with
coffee and lively conversation!
Pat Suhrcke

The World Until Yesterday
Best-selling author Jared Diamond's latest book, The World Until Yesterday, explores
the profound differences between so-called "traditional"  societies and our modern
industrialized society in everything from  the way we count to the way we meet strangers.

Today's  traditional societies represent a window onto the human world as it was
  until a mere yesterday, measured against a time scale of the 6,000,000  years 
of human evolution.  Traditional lifestyles are what shaped us and  caused us to
 be what we are now.  What can we learn from them as we  negotiate the new challenges
of the modern world?

Wednesday, January 16 @7pm
Massachusetts Avenue at Church Street; doors open @6:30 pm

Mark Your Calendar . . .
Louis Agassiz: Creator of American Science

Biographer Christoph Irmscher examines the life of this controversial figure in 
its Victorian cultural context.  Undeniably a world-renowned scientist, credited
 with bringing the modern study of science to American universities, Agassiz's career
placed him in the thick of scientific and cultural debates on evolution and race
 that continue to affect American science, education, and social policy today.  
What can we learn from this 19th century life?

Co-sponsored by the National Park Service,  Longfellow House-Washington's Headquarters
National Historic Site; the Friends of the Longfellow House-Washington's Headquarters;
the Cambridge Historical Society; and the James M. Shea Lecture Series.

Tuesday, February 5 @7pm
Massachusetts Avenue at Church Street
* * * * * * * * *
The Banjo Project

Television producer Marc Fields and world renowned artist Tony   Trischka bring 
the banjo to life with some help from Darol Anger's fiddling.  Based on Fields' 
PBS documentary Give Me the Banjo, "The Banjo Project" highlights this quintessentially
American instrument, illustrating its history and performance styles from African
roots to contemporary jazz with a lively narrative and masterful performances.

NOTE: This is a ticketed program: Advance tickets: $15 Cambridge Forum members and
students/seniors; $18 general admission. All tickets $20 at the door; reserve your
seats early by calling 617-495-2727 or visit www.cambridgeforum.org [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001G30LDZWcSOTBMloHICZ-gbwFFFum-lWHvUqcf1D9Llq6j4g2PwQU1QOZz7tYyG8xkmegBcJz8MdDmqsFroOJYQ-k2q0mBFrYKSD78hHUr9kuwArS8SGPlESRdi4zUgI1ECg4BXYznWY=]

Monday, February 11 @7pm

Massachusetts Avenue at Church Street; doors open @6:30 pm

* * * * * * * * *

Resilience:From PTSD to Hurricane Sandy

Psychiatrists Steven Southwickof Yale and Dennis Charney of Mount Sinai tell the
 stories of POWs, 9/11 survivors, and ordinary people with debilitating diseases
 or grievous personal losses.  Weaving together the results of modern neurobiological
research and the insights of two decades of clinical work with trauma survivors,
 Southwick and Charney identify ways to help individuals become more resilient. 
 How can resilience be taught?  How can their insights about individual mental health
help us create resilient communities?

Wednesday, February 27 @7pm
3 Church Street

WGBH Forum Network Now on YouTube!
Catch up with recent programs that you may have missed. Forward Cambridge Forum 
to a friend.  Or revisit some classics:  story-teller Odds Bodkin,  physicist Lisa
Randall, Alzheimer's researcher Gary Small, and more!
Click here [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001G30LDZWcSORXQU4JoDYuMrT0q85OsBJW2p8K-fqKB3jlrBRBBaWmmdHu-YrzhCwRmfy0DOcmRcerOXoE-AAB_q07V3bYyBwSt9mYNKnWvcoXxJCBlcvkZ611I-U8F0Xk_k0L6MaWp-Fa_GvWiZC6x-YC-Gz8R5Jk]
for Cambridge Forum on YouTube.


Cambridge Forum

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3 Church Street in Harvard Square
617-495-2727 www.cambridgeforum.org  [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001G30LDZWcSORkxMFddF9kiv3_-F9XAzxtHLS5zDgD3ezceB6Uj_xrkLqwjMiTOSbc9QkwORyjxq_e7RYPBPluusc-xjxK2lHes4p6dijyek1uNLbZUGXezg==]

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