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essential reading


           Friedrich Engels, author and activist in the 19th century



The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State 




One of Engels's most important works, The Origin of the Family, Private
Property and the State, can be regarded as one of the most fundamental early
works of feminist theory.  Tracing the evolution of the social forces of
production from the early stages to class-divided society, and the growth of
the family unit, from early group marriage to monogamy, Engels develops his
argument on private property and its relation to the subjugation of women.
He then goes on to analyze in detail the rise of the territorial state.  His
final section extends his theory further to consider how class and
exploitation arose out of the division of labor.






essential discussions


In early March 2013 a Boston area discussion group will begin examining this
important work.  If you are interested in participating in these
discussions, contact essential discussions at 1-617-731-8725 or email
ikurki2 at verizon.net.



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