[act-ma] 2/21 Palestine at MIT: Lecture by Tamim Al-Barghouti

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Mon Feb 18 06:48:13 PST 2013

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Two years after the Arab Revolutions began, one can see tensions in 
Egypt and Tunisia with no radical change in either country's foreign 
policy and strategic alliances, a transfer of power from a president to 
his vice president in Yemen, civil unrest in Libya, all out civil war in 
Syria and no change at all in Bahrain. Has the movement failed? Has it 
been contained? Or is there more change taking place in the Arab World 
than meets the eye? This lecture shall discuss the extent of change in 
political organization, in political culture and, subsequently, in the 
balance of power in the Arab Word. It shall discuss the prospects of 
independence, democracy, the Arab Israeli conflict and American 
influence in the region from behind the tear gas clouds in the streets 
of Cairo, the walls and checkpoints of the West Bank and rubble of 
Syrian villages.

Tamim Al-Barghouti is a political scientist. He is currently the Core 
Team leader of The United Nations Economic and Social Committee for West 
Asia's futuristic project: The Arab World 2025.

Feb. 21st 6 PM
MIT Building 54 Room 100  (Tall building with the weather dome on top)

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