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“For a massive
government funded public works program to create jobs”
Hear Laura Garza
Socialist Workers Party candidate
for U.S. Senate
Friday, March 1, 7:30pm 
Militant Labor
Forum Hall  
 13 Bennington St., 2nd floor,
  East Boston
“Neither the Democrats
nor the Republicans have a jobs program. 
The SWP campaign demands a massive public works program to put people to
work at union scale wages fixing the bridges, roads, and building the needed
schools, clinics, hospitals, child-care centers, and housing for our class. It
will take a fight by working people to deal with growing joblessness.
“The bosses want to force
workers to bear a greater burden and accept less, while they work to save a
system that protects the vast wealth of a few. 
But the wealth comes from our labor in the factories and the fields. We
need to take power out of the hands of the small capitalist minority, we need a
government run by the working class.”
Garzais a factory worker in Boston . She has taken
part in protests against anti-immigrant laws including the “Secure Communities”
program. She spoke out against the “Three-Strikes” law passed in Massachusetts .  Garza opposes the U.S. 
embargo against Cuba 
and has joined others who have traveled there to report on and learn about the
Cuban revolution.
   She has built solidarity with workers on the
picket line, from the Hostess Brand workers in Maine 
to nursing home workers on strike against Healthbridge nursing homes in Connecticut .  She has joined demonstrations defending hotel
workers and union building cleaners in Boston .  Garza defends a woman’s right to choose
donation: $5 f for program
 Traducción al español 
more information:
617-569-9169 bostonmlf at yahoo.com
Visit  themilitant.com  and  pathfinderpress.com  for news, analysis, and books
Blue Line to Maverick Station, bus or walk five blocks down Meridian 
to Bennington at Liberty Plaza 
traffic circle.
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