[act-ma] GreenPort Forum March 19 at 7pm

Steve Wineman steven.wineman at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 14:34:20 PST 2013

*GreenPort Forum, March 19 at 7pm: **After Shock, A New Role For Local
Climate Activists.*  How many shocks have there been? Katrina, summer heat,
loss of Arctic sea ice, drought, rising seas, melting permafrost, methane
plumes, Sandy, and more.  Yet American public opinion about climate change
and climate policy has changed little.

Climate activist John Pitkin will lead a discussion about our current
situation and a proposed new role for grassroots activists that can move
thousands of people in Cambridge alone to act in new ways to reduce and
prepare for climate change.  Based on his essay After Shock, A Strategy for
Climate Activists <http://climatebluecircle.blogspot.com/> (
*Cambridgeport Baptist Church, 459 Putnam Ave (corner of Magazine and
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