[act-ma] What Would We Talk About If Peace Broke Out?

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Wed Mar 6 09:03:34 PST 2013

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Cambridge Forum

March, 2013

That come before the swallow dares, and take
The winds of March with beauty."
William Shakespeare
March brings its promise of spring, but some things never seem to change.  Cambridge
Forum re-examines one of those seemingly immutable realities this month when we 
host Columbia University historian Rashid Khalidi. He'll be speaking with Aaron 
Schacter of PRI's The World about the United States's role in brokering peace in
 the Middle East.  Join us for a vital conversation on a topic that is perennially
with us.
Pat Suhrcke

Brokers of Deceit
Rashid Khalidi, widely considered the  foremost  historian of the modern Middle 
East, zeroes in on the United  States's  role as broker of the Israeli-Palestinian
peace process.   Analyzing the  1982 "Reagan Plan," the negotiations leading to 
the Oslo  Accords, and  President Obama's stance toward the conditions for Middle
 East peace,  Khalidi reveals how U.S. influence has been used over the  past 35
What is our responsibility for the success or  failure of the peace  process?  What
could we change to make Middle  Eastern peace a reality?

Co-sponsored by Don and Jeannette McInnes and the Middle East Education Group at
 First Parish

Wednesday, March 13 @8pm*
Massachusetts Avenue at Church Street
*  Please note--forum begins an hour later than usual.

Mark Your Calendar . . .
The Richer Sex

In her book The Richer Sex:  How the New Majority of Female Breadwinners Is Transforming
Sex, Love, and Family, journalist and author Liza Mundy predicts that in the coming
decades, women will overtake men as primary  breadwinners and become the most financially
powerful generation of  women in history.  She comes to this conclusion after reviewing
current  research and interviewing hundreds of women.

Is society prepared for this dramatic change?  How will this revolution transform
our lives?

Wednesday, April 3 @ 7pm

Massachusetts Avenue at Church Street

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