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UJP Activist: UFPJ Action Alert: A UFPJ Conference Call - Iraq After U.S.  
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         INVASIONS AND OCCUPATION ============================================

Dear UFPJ -

U.S. forces officially left Iraq in December of 2011 after over 20 years of  
U.S. invasions, military operations and occupation.  March 19th marked the  
10 year anniversary of the most recent U.S. invasion. What is the state of  
Iraq today? What is the condition of Iraqi society, infrastructure and  
economy? What is the United States doing in Iraq today and what role does the  
peace movement have in helping the people of Iraq heal their nation?    
This March 26, 2012 United for Peace and Justice is hosting a phone briefing  
with Antonia Juhasz and Ali Issa to look at these questions. Join us at 8:30  
PM ET for this important discussion.
*Conference Dial-in Number: (218) 632-0550
Participant Access Code: 468455#*
Juhasz is an American oil and energy analyst, author, and journalist. She is  
the author of three books: Black Tide (2011), The Tyranny of Oil (2008), and  
The Bush Agenda (2006). Juhasz is a reporter and Investigative Journalism  
Fellow at the Investigative Reporting Program (a working newsroom) of the  
Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley.  
Juhasz is investigating oil and gas development in Afghanistan and Iraq. She  
is an associate fellow with the Institute for Policy Studies and a senior  
policy analyst for Foreign Policy In Focus. She serves on the national  
advisory committee of Iraq Veterans Against the War and on the board of  
directors of Coffee Strong.
Ali Isa is based in New York City and is the national field organizer for War  
Resisters League. He earned a Master’s Degree in Arabic studies from the  
University of Texas at Austin in 2008. He is a contributor to the e-zine  
Jadaliyya on Iraqi social movements and his translations have appeared in  
Banipal and the PEN World Atlas Blog. His father is from Baghdad, Iraq.
Michael T. McPhearson

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