[act-ma] Boston bombing offers rulers pretext to chip at rights Sat 4pm

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The Militant Labor Forum presents:


Defend workers rights!
Bostonbombing offers rulers pretext
to keep chipping at rights

April 27, 4:00pm
Militant Labor Forum Hall 
  13 Bennington St., 2nd floor, East Boston 
Since April 15 working people in
Boston have seen over a million people ordered to stay in their homes or
workplaces, the MBTA shutdown for the first time in its history for a reason
other than weather, thousands of highly armed police and government agencies
patrolling the streets, a captured suspect denied his Miranda rights, and calls
for increasing “preemptive surveillance.”
Working people and other defenders
of democratic rights should reject the U.S. 
capitalist rulers’ use of the  bombing in Boston to
bolster their efforts to chip away at constitutional protections and the
political space working people need to organize and act to defend our
The source of increasing world
disorder is the crisis of capitalism — something the propertied rulers have no
solution for other than going after working people, on the job and in every
aspect of our daily lives.
space to meet, discuss, debate, demonstrate and strike without government
interference is crucial for working people to build an independent, class
struggle road against the bosses and their political parties, the Democrats and
Republicans, and for fighting for a workers and farmers government. 
Come to a presentation and
discussion with William Leonard, Socialist Workers Party candidate for US
donation $5 Traducción al español 
617-569-9169 bostonmlf at yahoo.com
Visit  themilitant.com  and  pathfinderpress.com  for news, analysis, and books
Blue Line to Maverick Station, bus or walk five blocks down Meridian 
to Bennington at Liberty Plaza 
traffic circle.
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